In the North-East of Russia took flight and tactical exercises with the crews of anti-IL-38

In the north-east of Russia took flight and tactical training with the crews of anti-IL-38In the northeast of the Russian Federation passed a tactical flight teaching with crews of anti-IL-38 from the air base, commanded by Colonel Alexander Konistyapin, reports the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

"The exercise — training interaction crew and staff of an air base on the ground and in the air, delivery standards, checking the technical condition of aircraft and avionics, and training of young pilots flying techniques", — explained in the Ministry of Defense.

The main features of these flights was piloting ASW aircraft over land and over the sea, as the working altitudes and at ultra-low for this class of aircraft — it is 100 m

As part of the teachings of the pilots worked as the ability of handling the aircraft from different angles, maneuvering during takeoff and landing in bad weather criteria, including the NIGHT MODE.

"Making flying over the sea, the crews worked interaction association with the ships at the time of the search and rescue operations, conducted a set of measures to search for and destroy submarines imaginary enemy. With all of this marine pilots were doing exercises staged in the waters of sonar buoys and timely target designation for naval group by entering their information, "- said the press service of the Defense Ministry.

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