In the Northern Fleet conducted extensive naval aviation flights

In the Northern Fleet conducted extensive naval aviation flightsIn the course of the flight crew change ASW aircraft Tu-142, Il-38 and Ka-27 helicopters sea Northern Fleet Air Force (SF) made the training missions, during which fulfilled tasks of search and tracking submarines imaginary enemy using the full range of anti-submarine weapons.

Also scheduled flights in the Su-25 pilots performed under the gun deck aviation ship Aviation Regiment individual. They worked out the elements of conduct air combat training and intercept high-altitude targets, improved ability to perform common, complex and aerobatics.

Total in implementing and providing training flights Naval Aviation SF took the role of more than 1,000 military personnel flight and maintenance personnel, aviation support services provide flights.

Implementation of aviation preceded by painstaking preparation to test readiness of engineering and technical personnel and ground services and professionals to ensure the objectives of flight training.

On arms sea Aviation SF are carrier-based fighters Su-33 naval trainer aircraft Su-25UTG, anti-aircraft Tu-142, Il-38, Ka-27 transport aircraft An-12 and An-26.

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