In the Northern Fleet will be large-scale exercises with the role of aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov Russian

In the Northern Fleet will be large-scale exercises involving the aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov"

In the coming two months seamen will be a very rich programm battle training, said Friday the commander of the Northern Fleet, Vice Admiral Vladimir Korolev.

"In a comprehensive exhibition of combat training will involve surface forces, nuclear and diesel submarines, naval aviation and coastal troops of the Northern Fleet — said the commander of the fleet. — We have to perform a series of military exercises with the introduction of practical tools, including missile launches and artillery fire. "

It is planned that in August to work out routine tasks battle training in the Barents Sea will grievous aircraft carrier (TAVKR) "Russian Admiral Kuznetsov". With its sea-facing deck pilots of the Northern Fleet will hone their flying skills with the introduction of the aircraft carrier deck of the ship.

About this time in landfills Northern Fleet Combat Training come heavy nuclear missile cruiser (TARKR) "Peter the Great", whose crew will start working out and delivery of coursework tasks.

TAVKR "Russian Admiral Kuznetsov" is currently the only Russian aircraft-carrying ships of the Navy. In February this year, he made a second account far Atlanicheskogo campaign in the waters of the ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

TARKR "Peter the Great" — also the only one in the battle of the Russian Navy nuclear-powered surface cruiser. He is known for his campaigns in distant waters of the Caribbean circumnavigation committed in 2009, the transition to the Pacific fleet and the role of the strategic command and staff exercises "Vostok-2010".

Both cruisers are part of a compound rocket ships of the Northern Fleet.

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