In the Rostov region because of the drought killed crops. Video


14.06.12.V Dubovsky's drought introduced a state of emergency. 25 000 hectares of wheat crop will not yield. Villagers count the losses and do not expect more precipitation — 70 percent of the planted area in the last two months of rain is not watered once.

Even now, walking on the field, the wheat could be hurt hand. But the plants are still no taller than 20 centimeters. From the field to collect more nothing — it perekultiviruyut. And there in the 25 000 hectares today.

"We have 70 percent of the area in April and May have never received rainwater. Crops were, and fertilizers, this year we have worked to well. But to date, most farms much of the spring is completely gone, "- said the first deputy chief of staff Nikolai Morkovsky Dubovsky district.

The intensity of the April temperatures surprise. Summer-hot May made already suspicious. But the real scare came when it rained everywhere en masse, and the Eastern District continued to suffocate from the heat. At 30 degrees, the air was baked in the ground 50.

"Naturally, the April temperature impact — the second decade has given up to 30 degrees of heat, plus the wind" astrahanets "blew. It's like in 2007. Repeated one to one "- shrugs SEC Chairman plemkolhoz" Komissarovsky "Vladimir peace.

The mere mention of 2007, he was forced to shudder. Severe year took the whole crop of spring crops. Not even left for seed. But then move stalemate local agricultural companies helped the state. It can only hope this time. Otherwise, low-power economy simply will not survive. Already digit losses Dubovsky district has topped half a billion rubles. Do not let it grow, can only welcome rain.

Besides Dubovsky without rain are Upper Don, Sholokhov, Oblivskaya, Soviet areas. Worst case — in Zavetinskom, where the heat brought to naught all the works of man. In general, the situation of komppensiruetsya areas where nature is merciful.

"The death of grain today is about 2.5 per cent, that is, in terms of yield losses, of course, is not the harvest of the previous year. But, say, southern, central irrigated area in the order of rain fell significantly improved their condition of crops, "- says the head of Agricultural and Land Relations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Rostov region, Anatoly Kolchik.

In addition to death and grain farmers say the damage in the fields, planted under fodder. And it's more than an agricultural loss. Only in Dubovsky's nearly 40,000 sheep and cattle in 2011, has more. But will this animal be able to avoid starvation? The local administration said they would ask the help of neighbors, both on its virgin soil — one camel thorn.

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10.06.12.Srazu in three districts of the Rostov region drought introduced a state of emergency. 

Rains were not there two months, and the thermometer did not fall below the 30-degree highs.

Seriously affected small farmers. Have died 40,000 hectares of grain and forage crops. And this figure is not final. Now only the beginning of the summer. And experts say that if the entire season is so hot, the wheat yield may decrease by 15-30%.

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