In the Russian embassy threw a Molotov cocktail

The great fire happened. Burned a car parked in the courtyard of the embassy. No one is hurt. The police opened a criminal investigation.

The police do not believe the attack on the Russian embassy terrorist attack

Alexander Lastouski the press service of Minsk police reported that the police Central District is doing everything possible to find those who on August 30 after 10 pm tossed into the territory of the Russian Embassy bottle of energy drink "Shake" with a combustible mixture and a wick. Injured ambassadorial "Mazda", no people have suffered.

"It is believed that this act of hooliganism committed two people whose personalities are trying to find out. A criminal case under article 339 — is hooliganism. And now carried out a wide range of operational and vyshukavyh events. "

When asked why the case was opened on hooliganism, and not an attempt to attack, Alexander Lastouski said that "as long as that of the information held by law enforcement, it's just an act of hooliganism."

A criminal case

Security of the Embassy of Belarus in Moscow increased

Moscow police tightens security in the Belarusian Embassy, deputy head of the Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow Vyacheslav Kozlov.

"In such cases, we always take adequate measures. We are closer to meeting our operational Embassy "- quoted by Interfax Kozlov.

In the Duma think that the Belarusian authorities are not involved

The incident at the Russian Embassy in Minsk hardly inspired representatives of authorities of Belarus, told Interfax that the chairman of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs and Relations with Compatriots Alexei Ostrovsky.

"I believe that this is an attempt by some groups to use the tense moments in Russian-Belarusian relations in order to further aggravate and worsen them — said Ostrovsky. — But I would categorically did not seek the initiators of this unfortunate incident in some positions of power in Belarus. "

A similar view was expressed by the first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs and Relations with Compatriots Zatulin"No tsyapniyakih reason to suspect that the incident involved one of the representatives of the Belarusian authorities."

At the same time, Zatulin not completely rule out the possibility that the initiators of the incident at the Russian embassy could be any of the representatives of the authorities of Belarus.

"In Soviet times, in 1979, when there were tensions between China and Vietnam, we, students in Moscow, then collected, sent to the Embassy of China, we threw an inkwell, which we previously provided some other people from around the corner. I would not like to think that such a scenario could be applied today in Belarus ", — said Zatulin.

Russian Foreign Ministry calls to find and punish those responsible

The Russian Foreign Ministry has expressed outrage at the attack on the Russian Embassy in Belarus, into which the day before had thrown two Molotov cocktails.

"We regard this incident as a blatant act of which show the intention of certain forces try to interfere with the normal work of the embassy and bring bilateral relations to elements of mistrust and tension," — said in a statement, the Russian Foreign Ministry.

"The Russian side insists on prompt and thorough investigation of all the circumstances of the incident, identify and punish the organizers and executors of the crime. We presume that the law enforcement agencies of Belarus will take all necessary measures to prevent such an unconditional shares in the future, "- said in a statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The Embassy of Russia has sent a note to the Foreign Ministry of Belarus

The Russian embassy has sent a note in connection with the incident, which occurred on the evening of August 30 the territory of the diplomatic mission.

As BelaPAN counselor of the Russian Embassy, Media Vadim Gusev, In a note requesting assistance in rassledavanni incident and prevent similar incidents in future.

Thus Gusev said that before the end of investigations Russian side will refrain from commenting incident.

Foreign Ministry outraged

Belarusian Foreign Ministry said the incident with the Russian embassy "hooliganism directed against the Belarusian-Russian relations."

"We note with concern and indignation took information about the incident at the Embassy of the Russian Federation", — the press-secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Andrei Savinykh.

"This criminal hooliganism, directed against common sense and the Belarusian-Russian relations. We hope that those responsible would be punished severely according to law. "

Police looking for

Minsk police is searching for attackers who threw several Molotov cocktails into the territory of the Russian Embassy in Minsk.

"Presumably, bullying committed two attackers. Now comes the search for them, "- told Interfax spokesman for the police department of Minsk Alexander Lastouski.

He pointed out that the question of a criminal case under article 339 "hooliganism" of the Criminal Code.

"The staff of the investigation group from the scene was seized bottles of 0.3 liter petrol bombs and fragments of another bottle with a wick" — told the police department. At the scene works investigative team.

Night accident

At night, unidentified persons threw two Molotov cocktails at the building of the Russian Embassy in Minsk. This was confirmed by the duty of the embassy.

"While we do not comment on the case. Investigated ", — he said.

As reported by the Russian Embassy, CCTV cameras installed around the Russian Embassy in Minsk and fixed the criminals.

In the Emergencies Ministry reported that there was no significant fire and no one was hurt. Partially burned one of the embassy car, a bottle smashed her rear window and set fire to the interior of the car. But the fire was quickly extinguished.

In Minsk police report that is checked into the matter with a view to criminal prosecution, the remains of a combustible liquid were taken for examination.

In the morning at the embassy incident marks are not visible.

Other attacks on the Russian embassy in Minsk

In June 2001, the territory of the Russian Embassy in Belarus has been thrown a hand grenade. This happened a few hours before the arrival in Minsk former Russian president Vladimir Putin.

As a result of the attack no one was injured, but the embassy itself assessed the incident as hooliganism, not a terrorist action. But then the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko immediately demanded enhanced security measures for the leaders of the CIS countries, who came to the summit in Minsk.

In 1997, unidentified persons fired at the Russian Embassy in Minsk from a Kalashnikov. No one is hurt. In both cases, the perpetrators have been found.


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