In the second round out Nikolai Lukashenko and Dmitry

This summer hovered over Belarus if any abnormal defensive shield: neighbor to the West, floods, a neighbor in the East burns and in Minsk, according Gidramettsentru posted on the site header of "Nasha Niva" — "without any special effects." By the way, there is now hanging exactly same. Impressive stability.

After returning home from Razanshchyny, I could not help feeling that came in a Baden-Baden. So all around the resort was breathing relaxed carefree. The visible world of phenomena one lightly, almost imperceptibly swaying, just not showing anything special. Maybe someday I can appreciate the greatness of the still calm, but now he felt a little uncomfortable — after the alarm of life in Russia Belarusian myartsvila reality rather than appeasing.

(Podsmotreno at blogger wozhyk)

Before the election, the blogosphere. No significant weather

In the internet I came out with the hope that the real life rages here, hidden, like an underground river. Nothing like that. What is offline, then online. After reviewing thousands of messages from around his picture of friends, I thought it just might look diaries inhabitants Taoist advise — Islands of the Immortals. No problem, isklyuchytselnaya grace. Like this:

(Screenshot recording journalist of "Nasha Niva" blogger andorac)

(Screenshot recording Young Front, blogger

And it is not written by some Swiss, and the inhabitants of the sinister "the last dictatorship in Europe"! — Could exclaim in surprise naive foreigner who was going to come "in the region severe disasters of its capitalism" on the thrill — I guess they are brainwashed by the official propaganda?

No, probably not brainwashed, just, you know, the weather we have is this — "no significant weather". Nation on vacation, as formulated feature of social life of Belarusians Constantine Monk.

Desperate to find yourself a decent clue as to review, I asked readers of his blog that suggested maybe somewhere did something interesting happened.

"Tosca is one, but thanks to friends, Ukrainians and Russians came across something interesting", — disappointed czy.

The blogger ecologys offered to go Adam Globes, he supposedly had a "regular grand srach."

"Some kind of a storm in a teacup", — expressed his skeptical view about the "grand srach" measles.

I checked — it is. Grandyeznasts, and that is very relative, manifested itself only in a number of comments, which ran up to one-hundred thirty-sixth began with the fact that the Globe absentia hit Gapeeva Valery, who is also vushasti: "Graphomaniac … narrow-minded provincial old loser … pathetic notorious provincial journalist who decided to play around with the writer … remote province ". For the "undeserved insult the province" flame stood ignis_essentiae: Like, better than the capital? Globe said that he "To hell with the provincial offense nedalyudey". The interviewee could not restrain himself, and accused the writer of the worst — of homosexuality. Well, here we go. Further conversation, if desired, can read for yourself. As in my opinion, the social significance of it is not. The only reason I mention it at all — to demonstrate how the agent is the last of the free public expression before the next "election".

As for the "elections" in their approach to the blogosphere not felt. More precisely, the approach does not feel something important, not to mention — the fateful. Spirit of 2006 somewhere completely blown away. Then, as I recall, the atmosphere in the network society naelektryzavalasya long before the hour "X".

Now, for example, blogger zaranok chides candidates candidates for persistence in social networks ("for the third time in a row," asks "to friends in FaceBook Yaroslav Romanchuk"), as if we are in some kind of, I do not know, Sweden, where the outcome of elections depends on the actions of the participants millimeter. A nicolaev promotes "a Catholic Voter Guide", which should help "Consciously to vote according to Catholic ethical teachings", if does not know that the vote in the conditions of Belarus — a farce, given the lack of appropriate conditions for the full selection.

In the second round out Dmitri and Nikolai Lukashenko?

In the comic list of candidates for the presidential election, the proposed blogger mojo_fm his readers, is only a small fraction of a joke:

First Alexander G. Lukashenko
Second Viktor Lukashenko
Third Lukashenko Dmitry
Fourth Lukashenko Nikolai

In the second round out Dmitri and Nicholas, gaining four voices … ?

Lack not only worthy candidates, but also worthy of VOTERS

??"What would you do if you were president?" — With this issue addressed dolka777 to the community by_politics. She recently needle pierced his leg and left leg from her chip size of three millimeters. This tiny, and what civic and political activism awakened, better than a pain in the same place. Communication blogger went into the lead on the number of comments last week, which gathered more than 100 comments in every community by_politics and minsk_by. In minsk_by blogger complained of differentiation in the medical care for residents of Minsk and "zamkadyshav," noting that the Soviet institution of registration is alive and well. She had no help and put up with the sixth hospital, citing a lack of Minsk registration, and before that the length and breadth mangled leg in a provincial hospital, the needle does not get it and advised to apply to private clinics.

Civil conscience awakened trohmilimetrovym fragment needle was not satisfied with a complaint and after a couple of days dolka777 put in by_politics six theses of his election program. Among which, in particular, promises to eliminate fruit and berry wine (the same, by the way, promise Mikhalevich and Yuri Glushakov), lottery and, of course, the institution of registration, as well as a proposal after its victory of Alexander Lukashenko to the Minister of Agriculture. Finally blogger asked what we would have done all the same, bloggers on the site of the president, what would improve the social life.

Among the mass of unexplained attacks boorish in his address, the blogger has received the following answers to the basic question:

"I would have moved out of the Belarusians in Antarctica, and the territory populated by the Japanese". (l_u_f_t)

"I learned to write poems" (svart_musta)

"Repression and the erection Stsyany Friendship. Sometime in the Wikipedia write this: "Wall of Friendship — a system of defenses along the inner border of the Union State of Belarus and Russia. Its centerpiece is a 11-meter-high fence made of concrete, equipped with machine guns samastrelnymi with motion sensors … Continued blue metro line to London . " (bon70)

"Introduced to the article" a crime against Belarus and its people, "and shot him 70%." (longlivebelarus)

Not a lot. Their desired program announced just homielanin, starting with the change of the Constitution ("Belarus — Parliamentary Republic"). It seems that zap4ick, who wrote "Everyone on the h ..", that right.

Usually like to complain about the lack of opposition "worthy candidates." But on the discussion by_politics may get the impression that voters and dignity that would know and could articulate what changes they want, is also missing. There is no shortage only those who r atovy happy to curse his neighbor when he dares vytyrknutstsa.

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