In the south of Yemen are fights between army units and militias Al-Qaeda

In the south of Yemen are fighting between the army and militants "Al-Qaeda"In the fighting in the south Yemen lost about forty members of the Army Yemen and May 20 militants. 10's soldiers were wounded in fierce clashes with extremists that erupted after the double terrorist attack near Zinjibar — on the coast of the Gulf of Aden.

According to British media reports, militants attacked a military base associated with "Al-Qaeda". According to ITAR-TASS, the extremists took over and held the military base of the Yemeni government forces. Terrorists armed with assault rifles in storage base and opened fire on the soldiers.

Armed clashes near Zinjibar (Abyan province), where in blasting mine cars at the 2-checkpoint killed six soldiers.

According to unconfirmed reports, a soldier taken hostage by extremists. Between militants "Al-Qaeda", which are kept under the control of the region, and the military began a fierce battle.

According to ITAR-TASS, Yemen has long been a haven for militants "Al-Qaeda". In Yemen, the weak central government — along with a huge number of inaccessible places that are applicable to the shelters. In the end, over the past few years in the country often commit acts of terrorism and sabotage were carried out. They found themselves targets of diplomatic missions of Western countries, foreign tourists, security forces, and the infrastructure and industry, first oil.

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