In the state of Washington have discovered a new fault crust

In the north-western Pacific Ocean are quite serious tectonic events. From the Cascadia subduction zone, where the tectonic plate of Juan de Fuca is moving under the North American plate, and to the fault zone near Seattle, where 1,100 years ago the real earthquake happened to 7, there was the risk of renewed seismic activity.

The figure shows five areas paleoseysmicheskoy activity (red circles) and three Holocene fault (solid red lines).

Approximately 60 km north of the described location and located close to the extremely dangerous fault in Bellingham near the Canadian border, they found a number of previously unknown crustal faults. And before that it was known that oceanic plates in this area tihookeanicheskoy move at a few millimeters per day. But now, this movement can be visually confirmed.

Found geological faults of a reversible nature, that is, one side is forced to cast another. Experts assert that they are capable of producing an earthquake in 6-6.5 points, which is quite a serious threat to the local population. Helped open a thorough study of magnetic anomalies in the region, the analysis of the earthquake paleoseysmicheskih records thousands of years old and the data obtained by laser scanning the surface of the air.

Total detected three faults. All are located near the bay Birch, Sandy Point and the harbor Drayton in the north of Washington along the Pacific coast, 32 km from the city of Bellingham. They stretch under water and on land, and thus may cause the underwater earthquake that can cause a tsunami. While accurate data on the frequency of earthquakes in this area and the extent of the potential hazard is not received.

Photos: Kelsey et al. / USGS


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