In the Urals, fish with human teeth. Video


11.07.12.Etot fisherman can really boast about his catch. The fact that he managed to catch the bait — is a sensation. Fish with human teeth. Of the Urals have not seen

Source: REN TV

South Ural fisherman bitten by piranha

11.07.12.Opasnaya fishing. Infested waters on the South Urals piranhas. Hooked toothed predators have resident Kusy. Alexander Subris recalls first did not believe such a catch.

"I took a second bite, — said the fisherman. — First, do not even think. In his hands he took, and she grabbed me the finger right up blood. "

Bite marks toothy fish is comparable to the blade cuts, says Alexander. He enjoys fishing since childhood, but to catch the bait such predator fisherman were the first. According to experts, exotic fish in open waters produce aquarium hobbyists. But the piranhas life in lakes ephemeral. They either get hooked or die at the first frost.

Oksana Kuzmina

Source: STRC "South Ural"


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