In the villages of apples, 200 rubles in the city — to 2000

In Belarus, the Company currently 756,000 private farms. This is 175,000 less than 10 years ago. In this case, private entrepreneurs grow a third of the agricultural products. But the most labor-intensive crops — potatoes, vegetables, fruits and berries — up to 90 percent.

Yesterday Alexander Lukashenko ordered officials to buy from people all agricultural products that people are willing to sell at fair prices.

Meanwhile, the purchase prices at which private traders today are grown to sell, miserable and did not pay back the costs.

Grodno region

"She gave a potato profit, but it is not for sale"

The Grodno region farmers and gardeners claim that the acres of garden and not make any money, but this year people are hoping to profit from potatoes. However, not all of it is for sale.

Mrs. Helena of the Lida district says that of its several hectares of land has long been her husband decided not to take anything grown at purchasers' prices, as this will only damage.

Lady says that this year already from different places interested in buying potatoes and offered at 1,200 rubles per kilogram, which is supposedly the people happy. But the trouble is that the potato has recently pazvodilasya as previous years, the prices for it are quite low:

"And as cereals, the price just nonsense. And red tape until the money and then return, the quarrels, the asking up crying … . "

Lady says that there is now a special income from agriculture, regardless which agricultural products sold on the market, since the cost of their constantly increasing.

Mrs."Everyone is a hard sell, as prices in Lida on the market are low, is not justified to grow. If all costs to list, it turns out that only the most money transfers from one pocket to another."

Mr. Lavon with Mostovschiny says that its even a small agarodik always fed the man, but now earn from it is difficult. According to him, when people still live close to the city, it may have something to sell and have a claim, and if something preparers to pass, it turns out practically for free:

"For example, we now have to go and harvester picks apples from the garden of 150 rubles per kilogram. In the city of the same apples are worth at least 2000. But people have no choice, so they think: what will rot, it is better to give. "

Mr. Vasily from Slonim said that with summer and nothing to sell can not, because it has only eight acres and is committed to at least for the family to make some blanks for the winter. He also believes that the loggers take their products — only losses:

"Wholesale donate agricultural quite profitable, cheap work. Even if there is, it is better to put into the market, something happens. "

Vitebsk Region

"Declaration of it — it's one thing, but the case — very different"

Fedor Mukhanaw lives in the village Babinichi Orsha district, holds a farm. When he heard that Alexander Lukashenko once again drew attention to the need to buy in surplus agricultural population at fair prices, he responded as follows:

"So he always declares the good deals! But the purchase prices for agricultural products were like 5 or 10 years ago, and this year, even down to the grain. Passed last year about 10 tons of grain, and received a 2 million rubles — said it was nothing! Rip it! So the words are good — this one, and the case — is another. And as "confiscated" the peasant agricultural production "of the case," and "withdraw" our government. "

Fedor still Mukhanaw raises pigs. But take the meat on the state-owned enterprises at low prices is not going to — sells itself to Orsha Fair. The fact that the Ministry of Agriculture on September 1, promising to raise the purchase prices for meat, it is also not perceived as a good income opportunity:

"In the result is not significantly affected. People are being lied to, fooled these people here, the old, the infirm — to villages not reduce their labor. "

It says: people traded fur apple on a bottle of wine — and happy!

Agriculture and Food planned increase in the purchase price of meat, depending on the category of products, and milk — 10% from October 1 — the owner of two cows George Stankevich considered just another accountable to the company, not taking care of the peasant:

"It does not fundamentally solve, as it is an ordinary company. We have a "creeping" inflation, what is the increase salaries, pensions, and that's it. Something like us to compensate, but do not compensate for the fact that we are richer "

George Stankevich lives in the village of Old Ranchytsy, works as a teacher, but keeps the cows — to make ends meet. Milk is the state never gives up and is not going to:

"I do not milk a single liter of the state not rent — the purchase price is very low. Even with that increase by 10% — it has 1,330 rubles, as I sell the milk to the consumers. In general, we have almost no cows: in my village live 150 people, and only five of them have cows. To raise milk prices three times, then people may again cows would start buying! I believe this product is worthy to pay for it as for mineral water or something. "

Does not the best situation, for example, with apples, which this year a good harvest. They will rot faster in the backyard than the farmer who will take them to the winery will hand yes, George says:

"170 rubles per kilogram of apples — the purchase price. Hence, the fur is like a bottle of wine. So it turns out people pass the bag of apples, of which the wine press, not a half-liter bottles and 5-7 turns. And buy only one bottle can for the money that you will receive. It says: people traded fur apple on a bottle of wine — and happy! "


"Anything the government does not help us, do everything ourselves"

Compared to last year the purchase prices for agricultural products are held in Brest at a fairly high level. Another thing that is extremely poor harvest. It would be something to sell, said the villagers.

The weather this year has brought many problems to villagers. Work in their fields, says a resident of the district Berezovsky was about two times more than last year. Wheat, for example, generally had replanted. But it did not help:

"Last year was a much better yield. This year's harvest in half. In the past year I have pressing eight bags of wheat, but this only four. Potatoes, however, there was a good harvest. For myself, wheat is not enough. Here it was necessary to take in the local SEC four sacks of wheat. It cost me about 30 thousand rubles. "

A resident of the Stolin district said that this year of his fields had an average yield of potatoes and cabbage that's not a freak. Farmers Stolin practically live with grown vegetables. This year's harvest is difficult to sell. Private buyers are not in a hurry:

"Cole is now worth a thousand rubles per kilogram. In the last year of the ten acres I collected about 15 tons of cabbage. But this year, I collected about three tons. A carrot is now worth about 750 rubles. When it began to dole in July, then pay 1800 rubles per kilogram. So the price is not really falling. Last year at this time, a kilogram of carrots paid 350 rubles. "

We plant ourselves, sell ourselves. Local SEC itself can organize and look after.

A resident of the
district Lyakhovichi says of vegetables brought only potatoes. There are hopes to earn. But while difficult to sell products. Demand for small potatoes. The state is not taking it from the peasants, and the cost of private buyers are not satisfied:

"I have quite a lot to plant potatoes for ourselves and for sale, if possible. Now there is a private buyer-up, which offers 800 rubles per kilogram. But this bill, I think, is very low. "

A resident of the Stolin district says that the state, local SEC does not help the peasants. From time to time come to the state procurement office who buy vegetables. But this happens very rarely:

"Anything the government does not help us. We do everything exclusively on their own. We plant ourselves, sell ourselves. Local SEC itself can organize and look after. "


Apples rot in the garden

In Mogilev purchase prices for fruit and vegetables from the public, has not yet formed. State spazhyvkaaperatsyya buys only apples and then for industrial processing. The majority of private farms in the region grows fruits and vegetables for their own use.

The purchase price will be known only after the second of September. They must approve the Executive Committee.

"Now we buy apples for industrial processing of a hundred and fifty rubles per kilogram. This is the price for a long time developed. Processing plants have taken two hundred and fifty rubles plus VAT including transport, "said an employee of abspazhyvkaaperatsyi.

In what form the purchase price, taking into account the interests of the population, few farmers believe. A resident of the district Shklovsky Michael a garden of good varieties of apples and berries. To hand harvest the state he's not going to:

"This is absurd prices of course, who do not know their forms. Well it can be for those apples that are immediately dump the bucket load. Only the market. When the shaft of an apple, two years ago when they were worth eight rubles, I lower the price of two thousand and did not draw their purchased without any problems. "

A resident of the district Belynichi Boris raises the same apples and potatoes. Higher earnings from his work, he does not wait. Much of the crop will be grown on the family's needs:

"It is difficult and sell their products. Where is take her to the storage center. And the purchase price if the pass to the state, rather than sell through their own channels, of course, can not meet. Soon elections and all the fuss is only associated with this factor. "

Expert agriculture Cherikov area Victor Strachanka approach to the formation of the state procurement prices calls mockery of the peasants:

"What is a hundred and fifty rubles apples? Whereas previously there were vagrants picking apples in the garden, but now it is not. He will bring a bag of apples and a bottle of wine he did not have enough. The shop is not interested trifle of this deal. As it was last year. Raipo impossible for a machine. Apples have started to rot. Head says yes to me why these troubles with the workpiece. "



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