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Anger, joy, grief, stress … The result is obvious, and it's called wrinkles.

To date, funds for skin care is more than enough. But all of them provide only a cosmetic effect: cleanse the skin, moisturize it, give a little elasticity. Anti-wrinkle cosmetics are powerless. Miraculous anti-wrinkle cream does not happen. Even if you pay attention to each of commercials that guarantees "by 25% to smooth out the wrinkles", think about what the other 75% will remain in the same place. This means that in order to combat facial wrinkles need a more serious tools.

The well-known adage that a woman's face in 20 years — a gift of nature, and in the 40 — a reflection of the character, is under a physiological basis. Each emotion, positive or negative, has its own facial expression. After thirty-face formed the so-called mimic corset, reflecting that what emotions you experience more often.

The most effective way to smooth skin cosmetic surgeons consider Facelifting entity or individual problem areas (eyelid, forehead, neck). Although this operation is simple, since it is possible with serious complications including hemorrhage, facial nerve injury, keloid scars. Therefore, it is desirable to begin tightening the abuse until forty. And before that age can be corrected much less drastic means.

For young women who have begun to appear first facial wrinkles, there are non-surgical methods of correction. It peels, mesotherapy, injectable gel (Restylane, Perlane, etc.), as well as popular now, injection drug Botox and Dysport.

From peelings the most effective chemical (using acid) and a laser. Due to exfoliate the top layers of the epidermis, the face is smooth and rejuvenated. But, unfortunately, only a thin smooth out facial wrinkles and fine. Besides peeling — a double-edged sword: with a strong depth of exposure in the areas of healing can become infected, there is a possibility of burns or tissue necrosis. And then be a long rehabilitation. Superficial peels such does not cause complications, but did not give any noticeable effect.

Prick and forget

Come to the aid Botox and Dysport. The basis of these drugs is the same — botulinum toxin. Differ only in the country of origin and concentration.

Toxin injected into the micro doses relaxes the muscles involved in facial expression, that is, simply removes the very cause of wrinkles. However, the duration of the injection — six months. It is assumed that during this time you will wean frown. The drug is injected into the muscle, and particularly thin needles effectively smoothes out "the wrinkles of anger" on the bridge of the nose, freaked "intelligent forehead" and "crow's feet" around the eyes. This equals no Botox.

Botulinum toxin was originally designed for purely medical purposes: to help him get rid of a nervous tic. For medical reasons this drug is allowed to be used with the age of nine. But to begin to prick Botox even in 20 years, "Beauty" — obviously too early. Practice shows that the majority of those who once tried magic ukolchiki "hooked" on them thoroughly. And it's not physically addictive, and that when he saw how quickly and effectively acts Botox, many women can not refuse it.

After the experience of the infamous TV presenter Oksana Pushkin, domestic experts expect a sharp decline in demand for all injections, including Botox on. But it turned out that, despite reports in the press about the huge number of fakes, Russian women continue to go to the clinic for "beauty shots." Do not frighten them, and high prices. On average, a single injection of Botox is 280-360 rubles. To smooth out facial wrinkles one zone need about 30 injections, that is not less than $ 250.

According to statistics from the American Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, 70% of women regularly repeated courses of anti-aging injections. By the way, the West procedure called "beauty shots during lunch"Because the ladies manage to hold it, even during the lunch break.

Lack also have Botox — it can not eliminate all wrinkles. The area around the mouth for doctors is a kind of taboo: the introduction of the drug in this part of the face can damage a number of nerves. Therefore, injections of beauty can not eliminate wrinkles of sorrow — creases from the nose to the corners of the mouth.

Cheeks with filler

To smooth these areas are best suited mesotherapy — contouring gels, for example, on the basis of hyaluronic acid substances "native" to our body, which is part of cell membranes. The most popular products based on it — Restylane and Perlane.

Alignment procedure is similar to the skin injections of Botox. Under the wrinkle is introduced gel that instantly smoothes her. At times, the disappearance of the nasolabial folds so rejuvenates the face that patients forget about plastic surgery. The effect of Restylane lasts six months or a year and costs about 250-400 dollars.

But remember that if you have hypersensitive skin, hyaluronic acid can instead of the expected effect of rejuvenation can cause swelling that does not subside for a long time. In addition, there is a danger that the result you just do not like it. In both cases, one way out — the doctor will have to vkolyvat absorbable enzyme. Other possible risk of complications depends on the skill of the doctor. Therefore, injections of Restylane or Perlane in cosmetologists without medical training is not necessary. And, of course, be aware of the contraindications. For skin infections, autoimmune diseases and cancer, as well as during pregnancy, injections are prohibited.

Hyaluronic acid is also a part mesotherapeutic (Surface) injections for a face-lift. After a course of mesotherapy skin noticeably leveling off, disappearing Only small wrinkles, so this method does not solve the serious problems.

Since peels and "beauty shots" are most effective up to 35-40 years, to compete with the surgical tightening they can not. But they make it possible to delay the need for plastic surgery.

Deciding to stay young, remember that a lot of methods for correction of wrinkles, but only an experienced doctor will help you choose the most effective and correct it for you.

Source: Magazine "Be healthy"

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