In the west of Mexico fires

According to BNO NEWS, in the western state of Jalisco in Mexico as a result of fast-spreading fires in less than three days, was burned about 3237 hectares.

The fire started in to the west of the state capital Guadalajara Primavera forest, which is under state protection. Despite the fairly extensive territory spread of fire, the victims of data available.

To extinguish the burning wood was caused 370 fire service personnel. Perhaps firefighters have to work more than one day in a fire. According to preliminary estimates, the residential areas of the fire is not threatening. However, due to heavy smoke in the municipalities of Zapopan and Tala were closed ten schools. Experts suggest that the fire was transferred to the forest from the place illegally dump ignited near Arenales Tapatios suburb. The landfill has been left unattended, which led to such a large-scale fire.


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