In the Yenisei River water level dropped. Video


12.05.12.V Yenisei River water level has fallen sharply. In Kazachinsko area nearly five feet, Yartsevo two. Shallowed coast main waterway edges spotted and residents of Krasnoyarsk. Where did the water, and what effects it threatens figured out Irina Rumyantsev.
Boat cleaving the water surface more draw attention to Esniseyu. And do not notice how much it shallow shore is not possible. Especially in the area of municipal and cable-stayed bridges. Where there used to be a big water today in Boots can safely walk. Every day, the water level is lower, says Alex Slobodyan fisherman.

Alexei SLOBODYAN, fishermen

"Framed by 60 dropped water over night, and now two hours to 10 inches and falls."

The water level in the Krasnoyarsk line fell by more than half a meter — confirm specialists. Yartsevo altogether by two meters. The HPP is now minimal relief. And all because there was little snow in the winter. Fill the reservoir failed. As explained in the Yenisei basin management, water will save all summer. Only for the passage of vessels northern delivery discharge can increase by two to three days.

VLADIMIR boon, HEAD Yenisei basin of water management:

"2700-2900 — is to send caravans, 2250 — when not enrolled, 500 cubic meters per second."

Hydro Lydia Bondarev said: implications for the river can be very serious. The lower the water, the faster it gets warm. The same grayling, accustomed to the cold water, the first gets under threat.


"Those spawning, which use local fish, they unfavorable temperature for eggs, caviar on the brink of survival, possibly, death."

Emissions from businesses, which now and then fall into the Yenisei, carried away before the current. Now, their concentration will increase accordingly. And the inhabitants of the coastal part of the sector will notice very soon.

Irina Rumyantseva, special correspondent:

"The lower the water level in the Yenisei, the less chance there is of deep algae to survive. And they are the main natural purifying filter for water. "

As for tap water, "Kraskome" stated — treatment facilities cope. The low level of the Yenisei also not a problem in hydraulic engineering.

TATIANA LUKINA, head of the press-service of "paint":

"The water is extracted from groundwater layers and no shallow Yenisei not threatened, extraction is performed at a depth of 22 meters, and nothing happens."

The situation with the Yenisei can normalize only when heavy rains in the summer will go. The same low water in the region was in 2003 and 2008. Then the Man Upstairs helped. Perhaps this time the water will be able to eliminate the imbalance.

The low level of the Yenisei may affect the northern delivery — say the boatman. Probability stranded high. But in many areas of navigation — the only way to replenish supplies of fuel, food and other goods necessary for life.

Source: Yenisei Region TV

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