In Tomsk residents complain to the sound of explosions


27.01.12.Zhiteli Tomsk and neighboring villages hear explosions from the landfill in Jurg Kemerovo region, where every day is recycling ammunition, reported news agency "Interfax-Siberia".

"We get calls from residents of Tomsk and the Tomsk region, the people heard the sound of explosions. It turned out that it sounds Yurginsky range ", — said the chairman of the Agency for Civil Defense and Emergency Situations of the regional administration Konstantin Belousov.

He said that the calls came from residents of high-rise buildings.

Distance from Tomsk to Jurga is about 98 km.

Disposal of ammunition resumed January 20, 2012 in the area of responsibility stationed in Western Siberia 41st Field Army.

Recycling is carried out on site in Shilovskikh Novosibirsk region on Yurginsky range in the Kemerovo region, on the ground in Taskin (Krasnoyarsk Territory), and also on three specially prepared areas at arsenals and bases, including those in the Irkutsk region.

Daily for six landfills destroyed an average of 100 tons of ammunition. In this case, one of the objects are only burning gunpowder.

Source: NovoTOMSK

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