In Ukraine, catch 2-North Korean spies in the hot

In Ukraine, caught two North Korean spies "in the hot"By 16 years in prison sentenced for two North Koreans Ryu and Lee Songchel Thekil, employees trade mission DPRK in Belarus. They showed up in Ukraine SBU when trying to get access to information which contains the municipal mystery.

"Arriving in Dnipropetrovsk from Minsk, acting on a preparatory agreement, Songchel Thekil and tried to recruit representative" Southern. " They motivate the hidden data concerning the equipment of rocket and space technology, namely, the fuel systems of aircraft, "- said a senior prosecutor of the GPU, reports now.

On contact with foreigners "Yuzhnoye" said UAS. They have developed a rapid sequence, the result of which was the so-called "controlled delivery"In one of the Dnepropetrovsk garages. Spies took the act, when they photographed the doctoral and master's theses marked "Confidential." Research papers were devoted to new advanced technologies of missile systems, gallakticheskih aircraft, liquid engines, rocket fuel delivery systems, and other know-how. Officially, the SBU is not commenting on the case.

Sentenced the defendant to eight years each, the court took into account aggravating event — the disclosure of disk imaging would cause great damage to national security of Ukraine, and space-rocket arm DPRK would have received access to technology, based on the achievements of Ukrainian missile, and significantly expanded its strategic capabilities. Lurking behind which hunted Trade Representative, according to investigators, would have allowed the act to increment the radius and distance of North Korean nuclear missiles right up to the location U.S..

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