In Ukraine, preparing an armed rebellion?

In Ukraine, preparing an armed rebellion? According to the Ukrainian president, the state is buying weapons and training to rebel. According to the "Ukrainian Truth", Viktor Yanukovych said this at the enlarged meeting of the Ukrainian government.

The President said that the information he gave police. According to them, in the Ukrainian state in the current time is buying weapons and training to the attacks on the organs of state power. With all of this Viktor Yanukovych said that the armed uprising is not prepared poorest citizens — "they are silent, waiting and suffering," and the forces that are "lost fear and conscience."

Interestingly, in the Ukrainian Interior Ministry did not confirm the words of Yanukovych. The police said that at recent meetings of RAM "such a disk imaging sounds." In addition, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, said that according to the laws of the country, all that relates to a non-hazardous operation of state power, is engaged in the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). In the SBU also noted that he does not possess the information announced by the president.

Although not so long ago there was a scandal in the Ukraine with the sale of guns from the warehouses of the Lviv Municipal Institute of Interior. There October 12, 2011 was identified shortage of firearms, including automatic weapons. The head of the Ukrainian Interior Minister Anatoly Mogilev said that the illegal gun trafficking in the state had acquired quite a significant scale.

Need to see that the situation in Ukraine is quite alarming — Rave supporters Tymoshenko, dissatisfied with her arrest and the first term. Western countries are also unhappy "Tymoshenko case." The European Parliament asks not only to free Yulia Tymoshenko, and to allow her to participate in future elections. The EU said that the refusal to reconsider the verdict of Yulia Tymoshenko calls into danger conclusion and ratification of the Association Agreement.

There is information that can open the "case Yushchenko." For example, an associate of Viktor Yanukovych, MP from the Party of Regions Valery Konovalyuk said that last president Viktor Yushchenko and his entourage should all take place on the dock next to the former prime minister of the country Tymoshenko. Yushchenko and his supporters have to answer for financial fraud related to the sale of weapons to Georgia, with the huge drop in the standard of living of people for the fact that five years led the country to bankruptcy.

On the Ukrainian political newcomer star rises in the sky — Vitali Klitschko. In 2010 he led the party with a very symbolic name — IMPACT (Ukrainian Democratic Union for Reform). Klitschko was close to the former mayor of Kiev Alexander Omelchenko, and during the "Orange Revolution" in 2004, they supported Viktor Yushchenko. In March 2006, Boxer was the first number in the list of pre-election alliance "TIME — Party" Reforms and Order "(Pora-PRP), which gave a fairly constructive nationalist slogans and fought for Ukraine's admission to the North Atlantic Alliance.

In the current time of impact is in opposition to the current government and the president. So, Vitali Klitschko once called President Viktor Yanukovych to release Tymoshenko, even offered to take her on bail. In the middle of October 2011 V. Klitschko attended the "bride" in the United States. Klitschko met with such staunch russophobes as Republican Sen. John McCain and Democrat Benjamin Cardin. In his own speech, the star of the ring said that the main value will be to integrate Ukraine into Europe and the Russian Federation with the case though and are necessary for the country, but secondary. Apparently, from the boxer make a "second Yushchenko."

Meanwhile, in the Ukrainian capital last rallies (and rather rough) veterans Afghans and the liquidators of the Chernobyl tragedy. This tool can be used to completely destabilize the country. Their discontent is focused against the law "On guarantees of the country regarding the implementation of court decisions." The law provides for the abolition of privileges for the "Chernobyl" and "Afghans." November 1st protesters in the structure of the Verkhovna Rada of the Ukrainian parliament dissolution sought. They even tried to break into the building. November 2 demonstration took place in the structure of government Ukraine. The organizers of the protests promise that it is only "flowers".

In the middle of the protest movement activists party "BYT-Fatherland" party "Front zmin", "Business Council", "Union Chernobyl Ukraine", communists, social organization, "No one, except us," etc.

Ukraine apparently "rocked" in another revolution, maybe the war and civilians. Yulia Tymoshenko (the favorite of the party "BYT-Fatherland") declared Viktor Yanukovych confirms that "afraid of their own people." And the horror of conscience and lost no people, according to Ukrainian President and Yanukovych himself, along with his entourage.

Yatsenyuk, a favorite of the party "Front zmin" expressed his fear that the president, making a statement about the impending armed uprising, paving the way for the country's "crackdown". Because, in his view, "a change of government should be held as soon as possible", because every day brings the country to disaster.

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