In Ukraine, the expected direct military anger Romania

In the Ukraine are waiting for "direct military aggression Romania"Ukrainian newspaper "day" May 20 analyzes the novel Romanian writer Cristian Negri modeling the Ukrainian-Romanian military conflict around Bessarabia.

"Blood on the Dniester" — specifically translated as new work by Christian Negri. It was written on the model of numerous scandalous novels about the immediate future wars between adjacent powers … And would not cause so much sense in Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia and in the unrecognized Transnistrian republic, if all parties to the conflict did not understand: one of the scenarios described by the long-standing territorial conflict resolution. In this case, the script — not a figment of the imagination flamboyant founder and one of the possible options for a constructive solution to the problem of post-Soviet borders in the particular case separately … Naturally, the creator of "Blood on the Dniester" could only have a goal to shock the reader and so improve the implementation of its own novel. But this kind of mood constantly expresses a part of the political establishment of Romania, right up to today's President Traian Basescu. Last date even called annexation of Bessarabia — 2025 year (November 30, 2010, answering questions editions Romania Libera, Romanian President Traian Basescu said subsequently: "Romania Libera: Is there such a time perspective, for example, 25 years, in which Romania and Republic Moldova will merge? — Traian Basescu: Why not? — RL: How do you see the region in 25 years? — TB: The boundaries of the EU will be on the Dniester, and democratic development in the region will be an incentive for other countries — such as Ukraine — rush into the EU. In 25 years, the Balkans are part of the EU and NATO. — RL: With Romania and Bessarabia in the same country? — TB: If you're tempted to Romanians from both sides of bars and rods "- approx. IA REGNUM) At 15 years later than in the novel Negri, but also in the foreseeable future," — says the publication.

"Not only Ukraine is a possible target of territorial desires. Moldova and Transnistria in this respect are more vulnerable and presentable. Frozen for 20 years, the conflict on the Dniester (Our homeland has suspended the armed anger against Moldova Transnistria in the summer of 1992 — approx. IA REGNUM) must somehow be resolved. In Romania, there are many who are not averse to behold his decision by the military … Ukraine may be involved in the military conflict not only because of attacks on their country, and in the case of the territorial conflicts in the closest neighbors. And most pressing of border conflicts is just the Transnistrian problem — the heiress, like most similar conflicts Jesuit Stalinist state policy. Artificial boundaries, which is the former republics of the Soviet Union, making them vulnerable internally and externally, and in almost all problems are a prerequisite to public self-identification of people in these countries. Ukraine — one of the countries suffering from the same situation, but on its territory thank God there was no armed conflict and ethnic clashes. Another thing — Moldova and Transnistria. This conflict can not be resolved without the constructive measures providing for the incorporation of Transnistria or in Ukraine or Moldova, or in a single Romanian-Moldovan government — says the publication. — The reunification of Moldova ("Moldova Bessarabian"), and Romania not so much unrealistic (of course under the "reunion" is expected to re-occupation of Bessarabia, Romania, by analogy with the occupation in 1918 — 1940 and 1941-1944. annexation of Bessarabia, Romania, the Soviet Union was not recognized before the invasion of Romania in December 1917, the area belonged to the Russian Federation of Bessarabia last no relation to Romania and Romanians did not have — approx. IA REGNUM). Romania in recent years has significantly strengthened its own military potential, because the idea of "Lofty Romania" have not gone away. "

"Having increased in recent years, its military power and having the support behind the United States and NATO, Romania may continue to behave rollicking against Ukraine. She almost all possible — and in almost all due to the actions or inaction of the Ukrainian side: as in the case of snake and Dzurdzulesty. Another thing — support to the Europeans and the Americans a direct military anger Romania. While this development seems incomprehensible. Betting is not so large as to encourage the Romanian revanchism to critical levels. Especially since this may lead to a war not only with the Ukraine, and Russia, decide that come out in defense of Transnistria. Naturally, our homeland, too, hardly prepared for war with Romania (in other words with NATO) for Transnistria. And hardly ready to Ukraine. But in such situations, the latter is a strongly many events which is unrealistic to count (on the global geopolitical situation to the individual properties of the favorites of states involved in the conflict), and so they give a reason for fantasy novelists "- sums up the" day. "
Also, the publication gives a professional outlook of the Romanian Oany Popescu, director of the Conflict Prevention Centre in Bucharest: "As for the book Christian Negri, in his blog, he defines it as" military-political thriller "- a magnificent novel, in which the script is served in the war in 2014. I doubt that it will get some support in the Romanian society. I do not even have idea why the creator sees the opportunity. To be honest, I can not even imagine that in the future, tangible. This book — a non-political and not scientific, it is mind-blowing a novel. 'Cause, because it is fiction, it is possible to imagine being anything — including the war between Switzerland and Luxembourg, or between Australia and Canada! Negri's book does not reflect any "conflicting moods" in the Romanian society. Nobody wants to be in conflict even with what the neighbor across the political and social spectrum, however, we look with concern what is happening in the Balkans, where again there are some inter-ethnic violence. We are not happy about the impermanence of our region.'s why Romania supports the Euro-Atlantic integration of the region: for example, that he managed to become a place of solid and lasting peace and prosperity. Regarding Basescu's statements that Moldova could in the next 25 years to return to the limits Romania, and the border of the EU Member States will be held on the Dniester, which was quoted by RIA-Novosti, — this is a very inaccurate statement quoted the president of Romania. Basescu said that after 25 years of Romania and the Republic of Moldova will be together again as members of the EU, where borders do not matter. He said that as the Republic of Moldova and the Balkan countries will become members of the EU, it will also provide a powerful incentive for other neighbors, such as Ukraine, to do the same. Romania has always strongly supported the zeal of their own neighbors to become members of the EU and NATO. And again, again, is not a case of unification with the Republic of Moldova, and that, to be together in the EU. "

In general, Ukrainian political analyst Vitaly Kulik in their own Facebook said: "The question is not futurology, but the fact that in Romania there is a demand for a similar Literary, it specifically shows the public mood."

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