In Ukraine, the Russian language is officially recognized regional. What to expect next?

In Ukraine, the Russian language is officially recognized regional.  What can we expect next?

In Ukraine, the more acute becomes adopted by the conflict over the days of the new law on languages. The adoption of this draft law was accompanied by real battles in the Ukrainian parliament. All last week in the boardroom serious passions raged around this document. It went even so far as to put up a fight, in general, which is not surprisingly, as soon amaze people similar behavior Ukrainian parliamentarians unrealistic.

So on Tuesday, July 3 this year, the opposition again tried to assert their rights by means of fists.

Second reading of the Bill took place at an accelerated rate. Employed showdown with the introduction of brute force, the deputies did not even see how accepted law the assignment of Russian language the status of regional. First reading took place less than a month back. During this time was made about two thousand amendments of which was made by substantially about 300. At the time of the adoption of a specific law, no amendment shall not be subjected to review.

Despite the fact that the pro-presidential Party of Regions is finally headed for the adoption of the draft law on granting Russian the status of regional language, the opposition forces still have a meaningful chance to challenge the legality of his decision because of the big rush. In addition, there is also a possibility that will be challenged and the adoption of the law in the first reading, when they voted an old tried and tested method — using the so-called "dead souls", in other words, voting cards, those MPs who are in the conference room were not there.

Adoption Act conferring Russian language the status of a regional multi-valued relationship has caused political scientists and professionals. Thus, according to the views of the chairman of the Russian community in the Ukraine Konstantin Shurov, actually no second reading of the bill was not, therefore, be considered as the four minute, which lasted vote vsepolnotsennym examination impossible. However, if bill will be signed by the speaker and the head of the country since the beginning of 2013 he will become a full-fledged law and consolidate the status of the state for the Russian minority in the territory of Ukraine. Coupled with the fact the study of the Russian language will be selective.

But it should be noted, as a matter of fact, with the adoption of this law will not change anything. Roughly speaking, all that is currently happening in Ukraine over the status of the Russian and Ukrainian languages, deliberately rising not only by the authorities, and the opposition forces, who for two decades of independence have not learned how to compromise in a relationship and to think first about the good people. They are not capable of what else the actual act. Because every time and procrastinate topics that just will cause great resonance among the population and will become a prerequisite for another split. In fact, the language issue is not fully discrepancies for most of the Ukrainian population, as evidenced tongued polls, according to which only 10 percent of the population was waiting for adoption.

Yet, the adoption of the law on the status of the Russian language has caused controversy between the worshipers of the official authorities and the opposition. Law on languages was another occasion in order to find out who is right and who povinet. In the center of the Ukrainian capital were clashes between law enforcement official and the opposition. Suffered about 10 police officers, and Vladimir Litvin, which before the time was speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, has resigned. All those who opposed the adoption of the law on languages, first picketed Ukrainian the house in which it was due to speak Viktor Yanukovych, and later decided to take it by storm. The building was one of the guards "Berkut", employees who tried to push the protesters. They floated the smoke bombs and bottles in return — tear gas.

As a result, the protesters managed to block the entrance to the room, where up to nedavneshnego time were members of the opposition.

In the course of the collision and suffered a favorite of the party "Blow" Vitali Klitschko, who came into the eye tear gas. He took an active part in the protest, delivering a speech, in which positively commented on the army of the OUN-UPA, which fought against the Russian invaders. And even despite the fact that he lived for a long time Klitschko in Germany on his return he became a particular fan of the Ukrainian and Russian opponent more specific language.

As it became clear later, Yanukovych has canceled the conference, which was held at the Ukrainian House, and instead invited her to a meeting favorites parliamentary factions of the Verkhovna Rada and management to work together to try to resolve the conflict. During the meeting it was announced on the assumption that the current situation does not rule out the possibility of early parliamentary elections.

And even at this point, despite the fact that the Ukrainian cordon around the house is removed, and the District administrative court of Kiev ordered the ban of the protest until 9 July, the protesters remain in place. The opposition does not want the court to make orders, citing the fact that about a Ukrainian home is not a rally or protest, as a regular meeting of the deputies with their constituents.

As previously mentioned, the scandal which broke out after the bill was a precondition that the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr Lytvyn written a formal letter of resignation. Did the same, and his deputy, representative of the party BYT (Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko) Nicholas stated.

In addition, some of the deputies who voted for the bill, now withdrawn their voices, though really change the situation that no steps are.

Together with the fact the Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov said that the adoption of the draft law on the status of the Russian language, against which so zealously supports the opposition, one hundred percent in line with European standards. And all the steps that solves the opposition — is, in fact, the denial of the right half of the population speak their native language.

Political scientists they say that the adoption of the 2nd reading of the law of the Russian language as the regional is another step on the road to make promises Yanukovych Russian language second municipality. If the bill is not passed, it would be a real risk of losing the confidence and support of the Party of Regions of the Russian population of Ukraine in the upcoming parliamentary elections. This is also confident the vast majority of the inhabitants of Ukraine, even in the eastern regions, where support for the pro-presidential party is more powerful.

But no matter what, there is a legitimate question: what to do with the Constitution? After all, according to the basic law of the country, the only municipal language in Ukraine is recognized only Ukrainian, and if the Russian language will continue to be granted the status of a second municipal — who will be punished for breaking the law? Deputies or President? Rhetorical question … as usual throughout the nation will povinet …

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