In war as in war

In war as in warAbout the worst possible scenario and a scenario

After the election, the "orange" try to bring out a critical mass of people and cause a mess, maybe even bloodshed. It is not that similar developments only probable. It can be prevented.

Scripts must not only outline — they have to prove. According to another analyst gives a very very Nostradamus. The greater the risk, the more acute the situation is, the probative should be our scenario development and our forecasts. Since the revolution, the real danger at the moment is very high, the confirmation of the Society, to be truly meaningful. Or, as they say in science, verifiable. Of course, I can refer to their own personal information intelligence on his conversations with those or other confidants. But for that to such links has taken society, I have to justify the existence of his own personal exploration and to call their own confidants. Then, by definition, intelligence crumbles and the confidant cease to be such.

Because you need to refer, in-1's, to open the materials with which society can learn. And in-2, for some, is again available to the public, cryptograms. Decipher which of course can only be experienced analyst. But read that everyone can. A familiarized himself decide how adequate is the transcript or the other. Or the analyst simply rubs glasses, engaged in crystal ball gazing, and so on.

People big and small

Start by opening the materials. Was it mentioned in the memorandum of the working group "round table on December 12" from February 16, 2012 under the title "The attitude to the" victory "of Putin's" election "on March 4," the following?

"Regardless of who overcomes the results of votes on the first or second rounds of the forthcoming elections, and regardless of the scale of violations during the vote count and tabulation, the event, which bears the official title of" the election of President of the Russian Federation in 2012 ", unconstitutional, illegal, illegitimate" .

I fantasize and distorts the meaning or bring a clear expression?

Anyone can see that it was told specifically that. What I did not perverse, do not do fabrications guesswork.

But if it's been said, what does this mean?

Let's try to figure it out more thoroughly.

In our patriotic — really, I must say cowardly — beau monde decided to separate the masses, who walk on marshy and Sakharov from "orange" top. And you can not give a concrete answer to the question that dictates a similar approach first: fearfulness, wanting to be in tune with the contemporary fashion or political illiteracy. In any case, I can say that never in the world nothing of the sort was said. Emphasize: never.

Since ancient times, everyone knew that at least some of the meeting is:

1) chiefs,

2) Staff,

3) Infrastructure

4) a core term of those who gather the staff and infrastructure to support the leaders (so, you know, the political "stump");

5) several layers of political periphery ("cabbage leaves" flanking this same "stalk")

6) adjacent to the rally curiosity among.

In this sense, the separate masses, who came to the meeting with the leaders — is nonsense. The leaders, he says, "orange", and the masses hungry for justice. Sorry, I beheld the hotter rallies and mass, if rallies on Bolotnaya and Sakharov. I beheld meetings in Baku and Yerevan. Also in Dushanbe. And I know that when leaders are not satisfied with the rallies, the demonstrations toppled the leaders and push the new ones that they say what they want mass.

Silva Kaputikian on a colossal rally in support of the Karabakh tried to read something about the territorial integrity of the USSR and Gorbachev's reforms. But it is similar to, so to say, the content was not necessary rally, and its place was taken by other here. The rally — it's just a radicalized element. And if time after time the leaders of the rally are "orange" — Boris Nemtsov, Kasyanov, Bulk, Kasparov, Sobchak, etc. — this means that the meeting takes such leaders and their speech. That the leaders and the masses make up the whole. Of course, it is very contradictory whole, but specifically whole. This applies to the states of mind and the structure of interest, and more.

Not all the participants of the "orange" rally are activists of the "orange" movement. But if the leaders of the "orange", headquarters of the "orange" infrastructure "orange" and "stalk", "orange" — and then the whole rally, "orange". According to another simply can not be. An attempt to refute this claim less competent, if an attempt to prove that the Volga flows into the Pacific Ocean. A lack of understanding of the incident — a diagnosis. While fully recognizable, perfectly described: overflowing political psychosis. Someone lends itself to this psychosis, this psychosis someone deliberately heats. But psychosis — even in Africa psychosis.

Having obtained such a psychosis of the brackets (how else, if it is an analytical study?), We find something very unpretentious and extremely clear. "Oranzhizm" discover this.

In general, if the deal with the phenomenon of the Swamp and Sakharov seriously, the term "oranzhizm" does not explain this paradox.

And here's why.

Classic "Orange Revolution" is a political defeat Kuchma and Yanukovich in Ukraine in 2004. The core of the "orange revolution" was a Ukrainian vocal minority that is called many things: "zapadentsy", "followers of Bandera", "grekokatoliki", etc. Yes, it is a very consolidated minority, which is capable of sluggishness in the criteria of the majority rule political ball. Not for long, though, but the rule.

If you open a discussion meetings on Bolotnaya and Sakharov seriously, there is also a political ball ruled a "minority", which has enemies, and friends referred to as "small people." Someone brings in a term certain ethnic content. Some — but not your faithful servant. Why I do not put that content? Yes, since it does not correspond to reality. "Small people" polietnichen. And in a sense, polisotsialen.

The point here is generally not ethnicity, not in the class composition and even in cultural preferences. But then what did?

The answer to this question can be obtained if we compare the Ukrainian "small people" with the Russian "small people." What at first appears to mean? As Ukrainian "little people" like Ukraine. Obviously, the, partially invented, Square, separatist, inhuman cleared of all moskalskogo, promoskalckogo etc.. But like any pathological had this love, no matter how sadistic it may contain in itself, it is still love. And even passion. The "small Ukrainian people" is a heart warming benchmark their own homeland. Again, I stress that for me, this standard also hostile, as the means of his services. But in the end, it is possible to respect and opponents. Ukrainian "small people", in contrast to the Ukrainian "big people" — is, of course, the enemy. But this is an enemy that can be respected.

Who knows how to adore, is capable of self-sacrifice, and so on. Why am I saying this? And here is why.

If we compare the Ukrainian "small people" organize maidan, with the Russian "small people", the organizing Swamp and Sakharov, the de
scent is on the mind that the Russian "small people" has no national standard, state dreams. And even more so the state of passion. I mean the passion associated with the standard, apparently. Other passions are, for them later. But the passion associated with the state standard, not one iota. The truth?

Our "small people"It is revealed in the process of perestroika-1. And now in the process reveals the Perestroika-2. The main property of rebuilding — loveless state. Again emphasize that because at this point in my every word a certain "orange" contingent is trying to find one or the other "taint" (that philo-Semitic, the anti-Semitic, then the other), let Zaruba for himself on the nose, that this is gang "Wasted effort . " Not because I Bonton treasure, as well as the society needs the truth. And the truth is that both Gorbachev and Yakovlev — completely Russian people. That nothing match them with the fundamental anti-national ethnic specificity, and social well too. They are not intellectuals. They are not dissidents. They do not come from the elite. And yet they brightest representatives of the "small people", smogshego make perestroika-1 and kill the Russian Alliance.

Now new members of this "small people", carrying Perestroika-2, want to kill the Russian Federation and smuschyayutsya not read about it. In general now representatives of the "little people" do not smuschyayutsya nothing. For the last time came. And if so, why smuschyatsya? Let the "bastards" find out what they are thinking about.

And now, Ms. Latynina, coming from an intellectual environment, unlike Gorbachev and Yakovlev, directly states that belong to the "little people" and can not tolerate the "big people." Own "small people" she refers to as "dolphins" and "big people" — "anchovies".

The same previously said State bottoms Minkin. They say that those who vote for Kurginyan — a "majority" consisting of Zapyataev, nasty flies. A vote for Svanidze — a "minority", which consists of the lovely bees. Of course, then spoke Minkin, flies more than bees. Well, so what? Very democratic, is not it?

Sovereign Berg, another representative of the "little people" spoke quite sure. He said that at the Salutation came out really "big people", who is also the Russian people, he is everlasting crap, live and let live "little people" and blamed for all the fears of our history.

Positive passion, dreams about a certain flawless RF our "little people" is not one iota, in contrast to the "little people" Ukrainian. But there is a negative passion. It is the hatred of the "big people." Our "small people" live this hatred. He moved it.

It is particularly inflame when the "big people" wills what else. For with the "big people", the conviction of the "small people", the will can only be servile and unsafe for the educated population. Riddle of our "little people" high. She tried to unravel the many. And then I will not give their own explanations about this. Not the volume of research, you know. Well, is not the point.

I am only willing to say that the restructuring of our (previous restructuring-1 segodnyaschy Perestroika-2, the new restructuring, as long as we are destined to live through them) — it's not just the "Orange Revolution." This is particularly dirty "orange revolution." Revolution, though devoid of any, even the most depraved, the state of passion. Revolution, endowed with special social arrogance unimaginable anywhere else in the world. Particularly slavish subservience revolution against the enemies of, the opponents of the Russian spirit. For main passion, move these revolutions — hatred of the Russian Federation and the Russian spirit. Revolution, not dreaming about the power of the object under the title of Our homeland, and the dismemberment of the object. Not on the growth of the object, and its diminution.

Relevant analogy

Restructuring and restructuring-1-2 manufactured by one patterns. Say, if you managed to then why not work now? Therefore, describing the scenarios of our future, we can fully rely on precedent, and that the current situation differs from the previous one.

Local control headquarters Perestroika-1 was unhappy "Moscow Tribune". This think tank sending impulses to the perestroika "orange body" — a movement, a party, in rallies Wednesday. Override these impulses was virtually impossible. It was built so that the body was twitching, receiving impulses strictly spetsefichesky way.

Assuming that a "round table on December 12," a reference in 2012 — is "Moscow Tribune" standard in 1989, the declaration of the "round table" should be taken with the utmost seriousness. For in this case the statement is executed. The meaning of the statement is completely clear though what a normal person. It is about rebellion and nothing else. As a "round table" made this statement in the networks began to appear appeals to a popular uprising. They say, "do not want the" orange revolution "- get bloody." Someone takes these allegations seriously. Some — but not me.

I belong to the statements of the "round table" very seriously. Because remember well the degree of maneuverability of Perestroika-1. And I have no illusions about the fact that Perestroika-2 will be the least controllable.

Obviously, a "round table" — this is not the last resort. This is purely instance crotch. Local, so to speak. The signals in this instance is served from abroad. But only.

Confirm? Sovereign Kasyanov said that in addition to various kinds of creative people (of course, creative, moral, etc. — "Dolphins" and not "anchovies") in the "round table" consists of representatives of the current government, while wishing to remain unknown. But soon, promised to Kasyanov, the country will find out its own heroes.

Here again is a complete analogy with the rearrangement 1. No "Moscow Tribune" nothing would have been able to do, if I did not have direct contact with Gorbachev and Yakovlev, also with the elite of the KGB. Specifically, these relationships, of course, along with links made by foreign "Moscow Tribune" particularly effective.

Familiar political tune. The liberal wing of the Kremlin due to the "round table". "Round Table" and the liberal wing of the Kremlin associated with the Yankees. And the "round table" and the liberal wing of the Kremlin are associated with political rallies "swamp" element. That's for you and a perfect analogy.

"No, not a full" — will make the objection to me. He added: "You do not think that Putin's KGB probably will be in proportion as found in the proportion of some elite KGB in the perestroika era?"

Well, Putin Putin's KGB or not — this is a separate issue. But the fact that the article Minkin "Raven crow pecked in the eye" — a direct repeat well-known article, subtitled "The Mysterious adviser leaders …", in which your faithful servant incriminate all the deadly sins, I say. Naturally, I immediately turn to the facts of the expressions that have a direct and trivial sense, to some political signs. But I'm on that and analytics to decipher these signs. It is not that exactly how Minkin pours me slop. It does not amaze me. And not even the fact that he is trying to breed me with Leontiev, zapamyatyvaya seems that I still godkov pobole 18.

The fact is that, as the article "Mysterious adviser leaders …" Minkin article was written to order. The point, then, is that it ordered all th
e same person. As it is written on the patterns of that person. That it is generated by the horror, and well as some mind, this person is not under control, with the power to unite … And you I will then state that there is no repetition in the KGB-dominated today's perestroika symphony? A lot!

There is, and what a.

By offering the reader minkinskuyu cryptography (which for me — a completely open book), I would suggest it to the attention and something else.

For many years engaged in the reconciliation of the conflicting parties, whether it's business or politics. I understand how this occupation nepriznatelno and unsafe. But I've never met a situation that all days are watched on.

I mean, I have written a draft of the contract of a public concert. Draft this as a first approximation has been focused sovereign Parfenov and a number of other interested parties. Say, make adjustments, gentlemen, you did agree to sign a paper which will be listed conditions, compliance of which will encourage the various public groups to recognize the election in good faith. Lord have voted for a paper on the transfer of "Citizen Gordon." The transfer was supposed to leave on Sunday. I passed the draft on Friday. Hysterics began that same day. On Saturday came through deceitful article in "Kommersant". In the draft of this article was not even cited carefully. But open a discussion as it disgusting how hateful all solid people, etc..

That for one day (!) To review the draft copy, write an article and put the article on the front page of the newspaper so pochetaemoy as "Kommersant", requires an extraordinary effort. Not just extraordinary — Huge.

But still huge efforts have been made after the publication of this article in order to initially try to block the transfer of "Citizen Gordon," and then, when that failed, wipe the traces of his own slanderous scam (that is libelous, it became clear immediately after the transfer of "Citizen Gordon "). After that, start the unparalleled political campaign designed to prevent contracting an criteria of legitimacy of the presidential election.

The first channel is silent, and only the expression of those I can think of about the unprecedented nature of everything that is happening around this innocent contract. But I have my sources, and I do know that something unprecedented is happening that has no analogues. I do know also, that in order to create a similar, you need to possess enormous powers.

A co-create these things that most "round table" and the forces behind it worthwhile. For this particular "round table", said that he did not need any legitimacy of the election, no measures are needed to ensure their integrity. That no criteria it does not recognize the elections.

And here I offer the reader the last of the facts, allowing complete the circuit of analytical calculations.

Development of rebellion

Sovereign Udaltsov scary airs its own ultra-, superkommunistichnostyu. And as the "Russian Che Guevara" is very funny talked about my death — because oskoromilsya Putinism Kurginyan villain, coming on Poklonnaya Hill! But I'm on Poklonnaya Hill said that I am a political opponent of Putin's policies. A ultrarevolyutsioner Udaltsov, super-close now the Communist Party and its management, directly said at a meeting with Medvedev that his only dream — it's an extension of two years of the reign of Dmitry Anatolyevich. And Udaltsov, Zyuganov and, of course, aware of the existence of the Presidential Commission (Commission Fedotov — Karaganova), which called for implementation of de-Stalinization and de-Sovietization similar to the denazification. Of what exactly follows, for example, the prohibition of the Communist Party.

And after all that?

As we litsezreem, the threads of the "round table" are drawn in a variety of directions. And woven into a very promising network. Obviously, this network woven by foreigners. But without a powerful local spiders do not deal in any way can. For foreigners not rooted in our reality. And their agents can act well, just being docked with the agency at the disposal of the local elites. As we litsezreem, an agency already docked.

The objectives are defined, tasks are delivered, the agents are docked, infrastructure combined — to work, comrades! How will this look work, of course.

First. March 5, the street will try to bring a critical mass of people.

2nd. Try to provoke a different kind of collision.

The third. The election will be announced Straseni rigged. The victims of this fraud applicants unite with the "orange" rallies element. That's what a pact "Udaltsov — Zyuganov."

4th. Angry protests will target the Supreme Tribunal.

5th. Will be made for all the elections to the West did not recognize.

Sixth. The liberal wing of the Kremlin will do everything possible and impracticable in order to provoke a reaction not a good Dmitry Medvedev, which will still be president. Hence Holuiskya-provocative visit Udaltsov — that the "round table" on his mind, then Udaltsov the language.

Seventh. The success of the last 6 points will create a profound constitutional crisis.

Eighth. The crisis will try to convert into this or another bloodshed, using eminent technology Sharpe (in other words, just driving the firing from rooftops on the conflicting parties).

Ninth. Civilian clash will be announced civilian war. Clash of law enforcement with a mass will be announced despotism.

Tenth. The escalation of incidents will be called upon to make any intervention on the part of the elite force scenario similar to Romanian.

The eleventh. If a similar scenario, some reputable liberal groups, the ability to high-status, will turn to the U.S. and NATO with the requirement to control our nuclear weapon. Corresponding contingent has long been prepared. In the contingent included countless soldiers with the knowledge of the Russian language.

I am asked, "Do you have outlined bad scenario — so what? You want to say that this scenario is a fatal character? "The answer is: no way.

In-1's, I do not think that this is the only plausible scenario. I think it is the worst and more affordable, but less so.

In-2, I outlined the scenario in order to counteract it. For this, I sketched it, not in order to fall down on the couch and cry in despair.

I asked, "What do you want to oppose him, this disastrous scenario?"

The answer is: for example, collecting own meeting ENEA on February 23. By this all, of course, can not be reduced. But if we could collect at least such a meeting at the time of the signing of the Belovezhskaya agreements, the USSR would have been saved. So it is important and rally our utmost. And a rally at Poklonnaya was more important, for the first time succeeded in organizing the protest "big people" (aka "anchovies", "fly", etc.). And the agreement in principle of the legitimacy of the election very much. And very nearly all the other things that will not be read. For he comes to political war, and war is war.

In war, the enemy in their own plans do not devote.

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