In war there is no place for the separation of rank

Certainly, for many, this information will not be news, but in the years of the war majestically Russian role in the fighting perceived not only ordinary citizens, and children, and close relatives of members of the Politburo and even Stalin himself.

In war there is no place for the separation of rankThe scion of Stalin Jacob died at the front, killing babies Mikoyan and Khrushchev war brought grief and tears in every Soviet family. The most zagadochnmi and filled with various legends and speculation began to perdition son of Nikita Khrushchev — Leonid and son Stalin — Jacob.

Many historians say that the main premise that prompted Khrushchev to conduct a revelatory campaign against Stalin, was specifically ruin offspring. History associated with the catastrophic fate of Leonid Khrushchev, originates from the time he was taken prisoner by the Nazis. According to some sources, the aircraft Leonid was hit, according to the disk imaging from other sources, he gave himself up and stood on the side of the enemy. It seems that there may be, Leonid accused that he acted with an appeal to the Russian army soldiers with calls for surrender to the mercy of the Nazis. Leonid was later kidnapped by spies and stood before the court. Based on the verdict, Leonid Khrushchev was shot.

In war there is no place for the separation of rankKhrushchev, Stalin turned to a pardon offspring, but was denied in response to the wording: enemies of the people, no matter whose kids they are, can not be forgiven. Later, when Nikita Khrushchev was elected first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, he made a name for the rehabilitation of all offspring, and even ordered the Defense Minister Zhukov Leonid Khrushchev submit to the title of Hero of the Russian Union but, as in the case of an appeal to Stalin, was a categorical refusal. Naturally, this does not remain without consequences, and soon felt the full force of Zhukov revenge Khrushchev. In 1957, allegedly for this reason, Zhukov was removed from the post of Minister of Defence.

But that was the most realistic fiction and just do not understand one who profitably desecration of the memory combat pilot Leonid Khrushchev, who died in 1943 during an air battle. Of course, someone had to specify as a prerequisite animosity between Stalin and Khrushchev their children.

He died in the war and one of Stalin's sons — Jacob. Bane eldest son James covered lurking, and we need to recognize that the real cause of death has not been established to the present time. According to one version, the captain Dzhugashvili was captured by the Nazis, and even tried to change to Field Marshal Paulus, but Stalin refused to exchange, pointing out all of this that Jacob for him such as offspring, like millions of Russian people, and a fighter in the field marshal, he does not change. But at the same time, not counting the fascists statements and other evidence that Jacob was in captivity, no, of course, that he died July 16, 1941 during the 1st of fighting.

In war there is no place for the separation of rankSecond son of Stalin — Basil — went through the war as a combat pilot. He commanded the aviation regiment, but for their own vile temper, ugliness and booze was dismissed by Stalin himself. But like any case, Basil was one of the best pilots of Russian aviation since then, and is even surprisingly, that a man with such a disposition, and very dark past (meaning not belonging to the criminal world, and constant drinking and joyful life) was the war and did not sully the name of the father.

Waged war on the front and all four sons Mikoyan. Brave pilots were once justified his courage in battle. Senior offspring Mikoyan — Stepan — during the 1 st of the fights was injured, but after healing in the hospital again returned to the system and continued to destroy enemies. Second son, Vladimir, during the 1 st of the fights died, he was only 18 years old.

He died in the war and son Frunze — Arthur. Young boy graduated from flight school after the 9th grade, and showed himself a real hero, despite his young age.

As can be seen, children of senior management of the country participated in the war on par with everyone, it was their duty to their country, and they gave it to the last drop of blood. Naturally, their fate should be an example for the children of modern bureaucrats who hide behind their own all-powerful parents and live in his pleasure. "C" with a measured conscience drive around in cars with flashing lights, and they are not shameful insult or offend the average person, and not the discovery that in a difficult situation, their only hope, psycho away from the threat.

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