In Zhukovsky showed complex «Club-K» with CR-X 35UE

In Zhukovsky showed complex
Concern «Morinformsystem-Agat» shows for the first time at the exhibition «Engineering Technologies — 2012» Container Missile System tools «Club-K» with the new system of targeting and target detection, said to RIA Novosti on Wednesday, Director of Foreign Economic Activities concern Rostislav Atkov.
«We have for the first time demonstrate the complex» Club-K » cruise missile X-35UE, which differs from previous versions of the presence of targeting systems and target detection, «- said Atkov.

He stressed that the container type missile system allows located at least some areas, including on the deck even a civilian vessel.

He added that the Russian army armed with this complex yet. «But we are in active negotiations with a foreign customer in the Asia-Pacific region» — said Atkov highlighting with all this, that the country name is not yet likely.

Container version of the complex «Club-K» ready to supply for export
Container option strike missile complex «Club-K» ready for export. This korr.ARMS-TASS Now the 2nd International Forum «Engineering Technologies — 2012» said CEO and Chief Designer of concern «Morinformsystem — Agate» Jora Antsev (pictured).

«Tests completed all complex systems. Now we are ready to supply foreign customer container complexes «Club-K» as a complete package consisting of a universal start module with rockets, command and control module, power supply module and livelihoods, by expanding it means detection and targeting, as well as individual modules, if a customer has its own system of detection and targeting, «- he explained.

On static display offline Concern launched a full-scale standard complex «Club-K» in a standard shipping container. They can be installed on coastal positions, surface ships and vessels of different classes, also train and platform cars.

In the universal module is starting elevator installation on four missiles. Command and control module provides service missiles targeting receive data and commands to perform shooting, shooting calculation of initial data, conduct prelaunch, launch mission zaadaniya and launch cruise missiles. All modules of the complex can be structurally designed and made in the form of separate standard shipping containers.

Container complex feature that is also designed for anti-ship missiles «Uranus», is its ability to timely and covert delivery and installation on a carrier or coastal positions, as the possibility of increasing the ammunition.

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