India: 11-year-old boy cures cancer and AIDS




Real geniuses can give rise to Indian land. In one of the small villages of the east of the country lives a boy who, they say, the level of intelligence can compete with by Albert Einstein.

But most of all to the little prodigy attracts crowds of its ability to treat cancer patients and HIV-infected patients.

It is alleged that the 11-year-old Akrites Dzhasvel from a small village Nurpur has an IQ 162. This young genius in his tender age, is already working at the Research Institute of Oncology in Mumbai, which helps treat cancer. By the miracle child queues eager to heal patients, some of whom are even doctors. Akrites claims to have found a way to treat AIDS and cancer genetics. However, to explain exactly how the healing takes place, Akrites can not yet.

American Center for the study and development of giftedness has already recognized the genius akrta. According to the head of the Board of school education in Himachal Pradesh BR Rahi, they see vrachevatelskuyu ability prodigy as further evidence of its extraordinariness.

How to write the local newspaper, Dzhasvela parents had to sell most of the property in order to finance his son's numerous trips abroad. With that money was also organized research laboratory in New Delhi.

From myself Dzhasvel adds that, in future, he would like to defend his doctoral thesis in pharmaceutical chemistry and continue their studies.

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Source: RBC

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