India covered the heat instead of the rainy season. Video


15.06.12.Anomalnaya heat prevails in India. Instead of the long-awaited in the north of the rainy season is getting hotter. On Thursday, the Delhi temperature reached 42 degrees Celsius.

[Manish Tiwari, a local resident]
"It's very hot. To escape the heat we wear a towel and regularly drink cold water. But every day the temperature rises, the heat is not just going to save. "

[Vinod Sharma, a local resident]
"It is becoming very hot, and the government should provide free cold water. Each bottle is sold for Rs 20-25. And in the area do not have access to water. "

Many residents of the metropolis abandoned ground public transport and move to the subway, where cooler.

[Satish Manik, rickshaw]
"Heat affects on us, we survive through the water. We stand here in the morning, but there were few passengers. "

City Hospital reported an increased number of patients admitted with heat stroke.

It is not easy and the animals have in the national zoo.

[R. A. Khan, curator of the zoo]
"We're all cool the predatory animals, such as lions, tigers and panthers, raspryskivaya them with water. We also try to keep cool in their cells. "

Meteorological Service of India reported that in the coming days, the temperature will rise.

It warns of the dangers of Indians of heat stroke, and encourages them to avoid direct sunlight from 12 to 4 pm.

Source:  NTD TV channel

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