Informal meeting with the beer Stammtisch

Society of the Belarusian diaspora in some countries in the West have tens of years of history. But there are not many. A number of Belarusians living abroad, growing and expanding geography of the Belarusian diaspora. And where the old, traditional communities there, the activists are choosing new ways and forms of associations and activities, and do not start from the constituent assembly and the statutes, and from contacts through social networks on the Internet and from informal meetings. This was the beginning of a new community in Germany. And at the beginning of each lives the mystery and the many new features, — says, retelling in Belarusian one of my favorite poems by Hermann Hesse Tabias Wyman:

"In Germany there is a new generation of young Belarusians who recently arrived at the school, and I would like to take this opportunity to learn about the Germans Belarus and Belarusians — about Germany. This will be beneficial for everybody."

"For me, Belarus — is a romantic thing," — said Tabias later.

Learn from the poets

Tabias Wyman — Programmer from Germany, Eastern Europe delight in it — the case for the soul.

Belarusian Tabias studied if, within two years he studied in Minsk, Linguistic University. He came to study Russian language tydy: friends and colleagues advised Minsk as a place of "more pleasant and relaxing than Moscow." And so it was that here in Tabiasa a lot of friends, and from them he learned of the Belarusian language, which, as he said, "should be taught not by teachers, but from the poets."

"I studied for two years in Minsk, in March last year, has returned home to Berlin. Over this time I learned the Belarusian language. And, of course, I wanted to continue my hobby and friendship. And so it was logical to try to find the Belarusians in Germany, to see how I can help them. "

Table zavsednikav

And also it seems logical that it all started with the Internet. But about the virtual — later, as he began Tabias story with a real environment. First of all that is possible: in addition to cultural events that are held more often, there is a regular "table zavsednikav", followed by last summer's going to Belarusians and belorusofilov in Berlin, and now the idea came in another German city, Cologne .

"We organize regular meetings of the Belarusians in Berlin. This is not only Belarusian-language meetings.

There we speak Belarusian, but also come to the Germans, who have never been to Belarus, but would like to visit, the Germans, who would like to learn the Belarusian and the Germans, who volunteers to work in Belarus. And Belarusians who study we have arrived on time — in short, it's for everyone. It's in Berlin, like to see in other cities such would start in Cologne have already been.

These meetings are called by the old German tradition Stammtisch — regulars table. Regular meetings just so nyama no program, just meet for a beer and talk. And very interesting it turns out, these meetings are not political but questions and discuss a variety of topics. "

In Berlin, the regulars are going to Kroytsberze, every first Thursday of the month.

"It's just an opportunity to get to know — says Tabias — quite a lot of guests there, at the last meeting, it was about 16 Belarusians, the interest is there. Well it turns out that this is not a parallel society where Belarusians are found only among themselves, but together with the Germans, all together. Such an exchange will only be for the benefit of the Belarusian culture in Germany, for Belarusians and Germans. So I really like it. sincerely invite you all to come, you will find us on the Internet through Facebook, our community is called "Belarusians in Germany" (" Belarussen in Deutschland ")".

Let's try to create a community?

With this community was so: tried — and succeeded.

The community was established some time ago, but so alive and functioning, as now, had become over the past few months. The community began to create Natalia Mikhailova. Natalia wrote a thesis and working at a university in Frayburze. In Germany, Natalia about two years, she has been German literature, early romanticism.

"I started the community, this was a little expensive, but let us all zberymsya!'s A game just a little expensive — laughing Natalia. —

And opened, founded this community, and it turned out so well that after Tabiasa found, a great enthusiast, he has helped to develop it. And we are together, as are many volunteers working on it. I have a mini-hobby — computer, internet, social media, social networking, and it's just interesting to me. This here is my mini-hobby, it's so good to gather everyone together, meet, help each other advice and information, a virtual forum, very interesting. "

Only the beginning

"On facebook — this is just the beginning. Ibid not put everything that we would like, — says Natalya. — By the way, Tabias just doing it. It creates a website, and there is the idea of an interactive map of the Belarusian foreign contacts, and many interesting new ideas. "

"Ess a good site, — laughs Tabias. — Yes, here is a play on words here —".

Even after the transmission went on the air, Tabias reported that otnositelnosaytu decided to do so: not a poster, dvuhmovnuyu electronic newspaper on the Belarusian-German theme, which has already signed up more than a hundred people. There will be those, for example, headings like "Calendar of events", "Germany Belarus for Beginners", interviews with interesting activists …

Only it is still under development, is the future, he told me Tabias.

"I — programmer, gets me all in the IT field, and I also have good contacts with international organizations that support non-governmental organizations in this field. That is, how to use the technology can improve the performance of civic initiatives. Cultural, social, and so on. So I'm trying to support community organizations in the area. I have different projects in Belarus, zvyaanyh with Belarus.

In addition to these regular meetings, eat more environmental projects. There are projects for Belarusian journalists, especially for those who work with the Internet. Coming soon in Berlin will host a round table and training for online journalists. I also invite you to join! But all of this can be found via Facebook, through the community "Belarusians Germany." It's important, but there are interesting little projects. A very interesting life. This is the most interesting part of my life, without it I just can not live. "

In Germany, there is a wish to teach Belarusian

Online Community registered almost 300 friends. Their number is constantly growing. Of course, this figure does not show how many Belarusians and belorusofilov — says Tabias — in Germany. But what they are, sumnenennyav not. Tabias this he was in summer school belorusovedy in Podlasie and he has plans for a similar school in the country, at least 15 Germans who want to learn Belarusian Germans he already knows.

"I like this school belorusovedy in Podlasie very much. Were interesting revelation, for example, that the first person who described himself as a Belarusian, it was sometime in the 16th century., Studied exactly where I was born, in Franconia, northern Bavaria. Lots interesting information here … I want to organize a summer school of the Belarusian language and culture in Germany. I think we can all, I am an optimist.

These are the times that it seems — there is no progress. But zhytststse constantly chang
ing, even if it is imperceptible. I see a lot of positive trends in Belarus, and new approaches. This is a good sign for the future. "

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