Information on the fronts of the Syrian revolution

Information on the fronts of the Syrian revolutionPerfectly aware that today the Syrian government has been very resilient, opponents of the so-called "regime" of Bashar Assad, decided to try a different path. As is common in war: not helping ordinary instrument, it is necessary to take up an instrument information. In this case, the anti-government forces with a number of Western correspondents, Israeli and Arab media strapped to their machines to the same information war horns or, to be more exact, the war of disinformation. Method — an old, but very often acting.

Certainly, the information war in Syria can be started since the moment when the rebel forces said that Bashar al-Assad — President of Syria, supported except that the members of his family. The West is rapidly expounded a blatantly such words, forcing the situation around Syria, accusing Assad's bloodlust and focus on the most cruel oppression of opposition demonstrations. But now these slogans, frankly give "yellowing" of the world are nothing new. Not much of a measured situation in Syria support in Russia and China, which is very meaningful way confuses the cards as the United States, brew Syrian porridge, and the Syrian opposition, which are more like ordinary Islamic militants, destroying the base state.

For the addition of passion on the information front, antiasadovskie "allies" have decided to throw the data that Tipo their forces are already on most approaches to the Syrian capital, Damascus, and to be taken, in practice, not now — tomorrow. Armed opposition claim that they were "besieged" Damascus from all sides, putting their checkpoints on major roads leading into the city and, therefore, out of town. Then, as they say, more!
Adventure, advocating the overthrow of the Assad regime, released information that the incumbent Syrian President tried to take out the boundaries of Syria for his family. Namely, it was said that on the cars that were part of the so-referred to as the VIP-column, tried to get to the airport wife Assad, and his children, mother and nephew are with their own family. But "brave" anti-government forces suddenly blocked the way home "bloody dictator" and a bit was not taken "gave Strekachev", but prevented them from doing so asadovskie helicopter and special forces. However, to leave Damascus Assad family have failed because they had to return to the residence of the president.

The news that the Assad family is trying to move beyond the limit was quickly picked up by the global media. But most of all in the coverage of events in Syria have decided to get on the Israeli media. On the basis of nowhere that shows, disk imaging, Israeli correspondents have come to the conclusion that the entire operation on the "prevention of test flight of the Assad family" ran the head of the "Falastyn" Syrian intelligence agency Mohammad Makhlouf. Not a lot of this information is very inconsistent and resembles more traditional kick of information war, so also it is not clear why the militants so far remained silent, that it had to join such a high-ranking military bureaucrat. And, most importantly, when there was the fact of his "dashes" to the militants — is also an open question.

All the information about the test flight of the Assad family, the prevention of this trial is due to Mohammed Makhlouf, save their own relatives with special forces and helicopters, as sudden and covered with thick fog lurking Makhlouf transition to the militants so called Syrian Liberation Army, look more similar to a Hollywood script to verbovaniya attention.

If you suddenly believe it for a second and by the militants and the Israeli correspondents, the Assad completely out of your brain. Knowing that all the roads from Damascus, said the rebels blocked by anti-government forces, he sent his own kith and kin to certain destruction. And only later opamyatovalsya suddenly decided to throw to save his wife, kids and the other one helicopter, which nightmare to scare "hordes" of anti-government forces, so much so that they do not even have time to do anything, even though the head was that of their own Makhlouf.

But that's not the most interesting …

At about the same time as the "place" of the actions described anti-government forces rushed to declare that Assad's army practically stepping over the bodies of the opposition, shooting everything and everything in its path in the suburbs of the Syrian capital. But let me … Is not the opponents of Bashar al-Assad has just announced that all the suburbs of Damascus are controlled by them and that the days of "regime" are numbered. Another hitch came out, which once again proves that all of these "information bulletins" opposition more blatant propaganda than a real reflection of the facts. Here, in principle, everything is clear. The opponents of Assad's main arrange the world to believe in his actual inability to keep the situation under control, plus — another claim that he leave even those who were in his "cage" (for example, Mohammed Makhlouf).

Information warfare against the current Syrian president goes on many fronts. On the days of one of the favorites of the Druze communities in the Middle East, Walid Jumblatt tried to persuade the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs of the complete support of Assad. Jumblatt, who heads the Lebanese Progressive Socialist Party, namely, stated that Russia should realize "the aspirations of the Syrian people," and it (the people) impatience to begin to live in a free country. Did referring to Jumblatt sovereign state under a free sample today's Iraq or Libya today, Sergey Lavrov did not specify, but said that Our homeland is not supported Assad and stability in Syria.

Having said that, on the ground Syria Now home to about 800 thousand Druze, which the West also wants to include in the active "opposition process." But while intensively involved only Jumblatt, such as the far from realizing the situation in Syria, as well as the West itself, which he (Jumblatt) likely supported in their own dislike of Bashar al-Assad.

Of course, the West is frustrated that Assad is not going to leave his post. Each private speech the acting head of Syria says it will not go away until such time as the people support it. And, indeed, now in Syria Assad's supporters have still more than enemies. Apparently, many Syrians are aware that if Assad will go away or "leave it" (as in the case of Gadhafi), Libya and 2 provided on Syrian soil.

But if Bashar al-Assad will not go away from his post, he is one — to crush the rebellion once and for most constructive methods. Option hard, but … — either that, or, as it became stylish read in today's State Duma, though "drained", following the example of Yemeni President Saleh.

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