Inmates, September 2010


Help Liberty

Entrepreneur of Vawkavysk Autukhovich and former military Vladimir Osipenko, who were accused of plotting a terrorist act against senior officials of his guilt in court is not recognized and stated that they are being persecuted for anti-corruption activities. Both under custody since February 8 2009a. Autukhovich sentenced to 5 years 2 months in prison for illegal possession of ammunition. Vladimir Osipenko to 3 years for illegal weapons handling. Mikhail Kozlov, who was also convicted in the the case, in August was released under an amnesty after a year of arrest.

UCP activist Andrei Bondarenko, who was sentenced to 6 years with confiscation of property for the theft of company property, pleads not guilty and explains the persecution in retaliation for participation in parliamentary elections 2008.

An activist of the "Tell the Truth" Michael Bashura arrested Aug. 6 and held in Zhodino prison on charges of re-forging documents to obtain credit, which threatens him with five years of detention. Bashura Michael says he does not forged, and just made a mistake in calculating their income. Colleagues of the "Tell the Truth" speak about the political nature of the persecution of Mikhail Bashura.

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