Interactive map of illegal dumping may occur Day Environmentalist

The first version of an interactive map of landfills in Russia, work on the development of which are specialists Rosprirodnadzor may appear online ecologist Day — June 5, said at a meeting with the teachers of the Southwestern State University, Chairman of the Public Council under Alexander Rosprirodnadzor Malyshevsky.

In December, the head of environmental control RPN Natalia Sokolova said that the interactive map of illegal dumping may occur in the second quarter of 2012.

Currently, the map creator request data from the Russian Register, which has all the information on the owners of the land on which the waste repository. In addition, negotiations on cooperation in the creation of a map with the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Russia.

Attending the meeting Head of Rosprirodnadzor CFD Givriz Sanakoev added that the creation of an interactive map of landfills greatly facilitate the work of staff departments.

"Probably most of these landfills is not the owner, but the area where they are, there is always the owner who is required to protect this land. Having information about the owners of the land, we will be able to influence them in the framework of its powers," — said Sanakoyev.

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