Intestinal infection struck northern Germany


29.05.11.U Bole than a thousand patients have been confirmed or suspected presence of the so-called enterohaemorrhagic coli, which can cause a pathological condition resulting in death.

While doctors figure out the exact causes of the spread of the disease, the government urged citizens not to eat lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. Exactly that came under suspicion: in imported Spanish cucumbers German scientists found traces of bacteria. But the findings so far do early.

Two Spanish greenhouses on trial water and earth, the test results are expected this week.

German people are so frightened that many refuse any vegetables.

Cases of intestinal infection also found in Austria, Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden.


27.05.11.Vozbuditel intestinal infection, from which three people died in Germany, found in cucumbers imported into this country from Spain. This was stated by the Hamburg Institute for Hygiene.


25.05.11.Vspyshka dangerous strain of E. coli has led to diseases of hundreds of people in northern Germany. In addition, the virus has begun to spread to other parts of the country. Most of all physicians concerned aggressive bacteria and age of the patients.

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