Iran a year will enter the «nuclear club»

Iran a year will enter the
According to the U.S. intelligence, for the creation of nuclear weapons to Iran in handy about a year. This statement was made by President Barack Obama.

«We believe that Iran in order to really build a nuclear weapon, will need more than one year or so,» — said the head of the South American country. The United States will not permit the emergence of such a situation, when Tehran tightly closer to a nuclear warhead. Because, based on the belief of Washington against Iran considered all options, warned the owner of the White House. But the settlement of the problem of Iranian political and diplomatic developments ways would be more secure, if power. «If we can remove the issue diplomatic method, it would be a more robust solution. If not, I will continue to consider all possible options, «- said the South American favorite. In accordance with the information they specifically set out a position on possible methods of overcoming the crisis over Tehran’s nuclear programs from it in turn brings to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. A direct question about whether Barack Obama is ready to give the order to start the South American armed forces operation against Iran if talks on resolving the nuclear problem is not crowned with success, the president once again said that it really is all possible options for action. The United States, of course, there are significant military capabilities. «Our goal — to ensure that Iran does not acquire nuclear weapons,» — said Obama. The emergence of the atomic bomb in Tehran, namely, would threaten Israel or trigger an arms race in the region, said the U.S. administration manager.

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