Iraq — a proving ground

"Duel", Moscow, n34 (432), 23.08.2005

Author: Dmitry Kirsanov
U.S. Department of Defense plans in the coming months to start using in Iraq several types of non-lethal weapons. It is intended primarily for dispersing mass gatherings of people.

The newspaper "Yu-Es Hey tudey" we are talking primarily about "microwave gun" that "shoots" directed beam of electromagnetic radiation frequency of 95 gigahertz. The people against whom it applies, in less than five seconds creates an intolerable burning sensation, vanishing with the output from the affected area. A working prototype of "microwave gun" is a device that resembles an antenna, "plate" of satellite television, which is set at an army SUV "Humvee".
Accommodation is also being developed that beam weapons on the new U.S. BMP "Stryker" and aircraft. The U.S. military command in Iraq, the Pentagon has requested 14 "microwave guns." In Iraq, too, is expected to send traps in the form of strong networks that are placed on roads and managed remotely. These networks are tightly enmeshed wheels and suspension of moving cars, stopping them. For a similar type of weapon, which is planned to equip the troops in Iraq are firing charges of paint machines that allow much dirty windshield of cars and thereby stop it. Basically, for the same and are of low power lasers, resulting in a temporary loss of vision in those against whom the weapons used, including the drivers.
The Ministry of Defense, of course, argue that these weapons have been numerous tests and were considered non-lethal. However, a number of American scientists has sounded the alarm, pointing out that, for example, during a test, "microwave gun" of people who participated in the experiments made in advance to remove glasses and contact lenses, take out of the pockets of metal objects such as keys and coins to keep them warm and, accordingly, serious burns. At the operational use of beam weapons such conditions, of course, will not be met, ie there is a risk of causing grievous bodily harm to people, experts warn.

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