Is there life on other planets?

Is there life on other planets, or perhaps in other galaxies? What are the different ways to learn it? 1) You can send to any planet robot scout, who will look for signs of living organisms there, but to the nearest extrasolar planets in the star Gliese 581 about 20 light-years, which is about 375tys. Earth years.

2) You can go by on other planets. But with our progress in space is impossible.
3) You can learn messengers space — meteorites, which may pose a certificate of life in space.
4) Finally, you can wait until this far life will reassert itself in any way. Or already said, leaving some evidence of his stay on earth.

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So, if you're curious to hear the answer to these questions, let's look at them one by one. First of all, take a close look planets in the solar system. Are some of them such, which could be a life?

The study was carried Mercury spacecraft "Mariner 10". Living conditions were not detected. In the atmosphere of Venus detected strong chemical compounds (eg, sulfuric acid), so there is no hope of meeting even the simplest forms of life.

For a long time, mankind has great hopes pinned on Mars. And the truth is, every six months with the beginning of spring on one hemisphere of Mars, dark spots appear as if the planet's vegetation blooms towards the Sun. But today, it is believed that this is just a volcanic dust, which the wind carries.

The farther the distance from our star, the temperature is less on planets such as Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune temperature is from -145 to -218 ° C, which by itself is not possible for life to exist.

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