It drove the Martians?


On Mars, found the site, similar to the remains of the roadway paved

Scientists believe that it was a road.


Snapshot strange rectangular and as if someone hewn slabs was made robot "Opportunity" on the 134-day stay on the Red Planet. They are located at the entrance to a rather large and deep crater Endurance. It seems that once the plate was laid in neat rows, but over time they spread to the sand cushion. The ancient road that millions of years ago, drove the Martians? It is not excluded. But it is possible that the plates were strewn crater floor in order to keep it in the water.

NASA, on the official website which is paved image (PIA06317), does not comment on such fantastic theories put forward by enthusiasts. Just as they were spared and the square hole, photographed by the robot "Spirit" in one of the stones (PIA05103). Riddles are accumulated. And in the meantime, scientists continue to search for water on Mars. And the claim that has already gathered a lot of evidence of its former host. For example, as suggested plates can be sedimentary rocks consisting of sulfates — sea salt. But why are they square?


Vladimir Lagowski

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