Italians expect a giant volcano eruption

Italians expect a giant volcano eruption

June 21, 2011, volcanologists have identified a dangerous date — June 21, one of the expected eruption of underwater volcanoes off the coast of Italy. It can lead to a large tsunami.

Several years ago, the Italian researchers found 40 kilometers to the south of the island of Sicily huge underwater volcano. Its base covers an area of 750 square kilometers, which is larger than the territory of Rome. Height exceeds the Eiffel Tower. And this is not the only underwater volcanic object: in the Mediterranean region are more than 20. A year ago, scientists began to warn that an eruption could begin at any time. Predict the eruption easier than earthquakes, says the deputy director of the Institute of Physics of the Earth Yevgeny Rogozhin. Instruments indicate it is quite accurate.

"This is quite possibly the only question is — when. I think this is unlikely to happen tomorrow. Because from the start of the seismic activity in the area of the volcano to the actual eruption takes time — a month or more, "- says Rogozhkin.

National Institute of Volcanology recorded several aftershocks in the area of the volcano Etna is May 11. So the date June 21 for scientists widely anticipated. The eruption of an underwater volcano is due to the collapse of its walls — they are pretty thin. The number of large lava. Therefore, the strength of emissions underwater volcanoes superior ground 12-15 times. This is no cause for a tsunami, says Yevgeny Rogozhin

"Tsunamis can occur only when the natural disaster relief greatly changes the seabed. For example, a landslide. And it creates a tsunami. Eruption itself (by the way, a lot of underwater volcanoes in the world — in the Pacific, the Indian Ocean) tsunami does not create "- says Rogozhkin.

However, Italian seismologists a year ago talking about the tsunami, which is sure to flood the southern regions: Calabria, Campania, of Sicily. And these places are popular with tourists. Many of them do not believe that a picturesque little island in the sea — the top of a huge volcano Empedocles, named after the ancient Greek philosopher and physician. True, the last time it erupted in the 30's of the XIX century. Risks of natural cataclysm exist in many parts of the world, says the president of the tourist information service "bank" Tatiana Dmitrov. However, there is important psychological moment.

"Now the media often escalate the situation, sow panic and fear. This could trigger an outflow of tourists to popular destinations. I would be very careful to comment on such speculation. It is better to watch the events, and not to talk about disasters, where there is no good reason, "- says Dmitrov.

However, the expectation of a tsunami and the idea that you spend your vacation on the volcano, can make a holiday unforgettable.

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