Italy because of a lack of summer rainfall threatens drought

March 30. Due to lack of rainfall this summer Apennines face drought, which will adversely affect the Italian agriculture. With alarming warning made by local meteorologists, who point out that from September the national average fell to just 30 percent of the normal annual rainfall.

According to experts, this amount is not enough to replenish natural water supplies. Particularly drought-prone central region of Tuscany, where water is only a third of the required amount. According to measurements, the local flow of the Arno River is ten times less than usual during the spring flood. Even if the rains begin, this water is not enough because of the rapid evaporation at high temperatures, experts suggest, recalling that the current warmest March in Italy for the last 15 years.

This situation threatens, primarily agriculture. Estimated associations of agricultural producers "Koldiretti" only in Tuscany this production could be reduced by half, and the sector will suffer from drought losses of $ 50-60 million.

Experts explain the phenomenon of drought, climate change, causing the displacement of air flow and atmospheric fronts, and point to the danger of "tropicalization" climate. Dry winter and spring was preceded by several tropical storms, which led last October to flooding in Liguria and Rome.

Lack of water can touch and the public, will be limited in its use for domestic purposes. In this regard, experts and environmentalists appeal to the careful use of water resources.

Archbishop of Florence, Giuseppe Bethor offered prayer on the eve of Easter, "the gift of rain." The priest urged to think about the style of modern life, which differs unnecessary extravagance. "The problem is not only in the drying of our rivers and lakes, but in the style of our life. The threat of water shortage requires thinking about what you need to take greater responsibility belongs to God who gives us the riches that are finite, "- said the cardinal.


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