Japanese authorities evacuated 20 thousand people in the south due to river flooding

Heavy rains have caused river flooding and landslides on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu, the requirements are directed to evacuate 21,000 people, NHK television reported on Tuesday.

The cameras recorded the devastation and flooded parts of the town in the prefecture of Oita Heath. Kagetsu river broke through protective levees and flooded the surrounding areas. Several houses were blown water downstream.

According to the Ministry of Transport, the water level in the river Yamakuni in Nakatsu in the same prefecture, up to six meters in just three hours.

There are reports of a missing person and a resident, who was cut off from communication in their own homes because of the mountain landslide.

The city of Heath Oita Prefecture and the city in Fukuoka Prefecture Asakura dropped record rainfall — 110 millimeters per hour. The city Nakadzu five hours on Tuesday morning dropped 250 millimeters of rain.

166 trains suspended movement, rain delay is 35 thousand people.

As reported by weather forecasters, heavy rain will continue until the evening, widespread warning of the danger of landslides and flooding.

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