Japanese scientists have warned of the temporary cooling on Earth

The Sun in the near future can be formed four magnetic poles, causing a temporary cooling on Earth, scientists said the Japanese National Observatory and the Institute of Natural Sciences.

According to ITAR-TASS referring to the Tokyo press, their conclusions are based on long-term observations, which is a satellite of the Sun "Hinode" ("Sunrise"). "In our luminary magnetic poles change places usually every 11 years. They usually coincide with the geographic poles with. The next turn was expected in May 2013. But, apparently, this time at the North Pole of the Sun change minus to plus sooner — as early as this May. It is possible that the south pole then also replace its sign to negative. However, for some time, both geographical poles of the sun will be "positive support", — the report says.

According to experts, to the equator there are formed two temporary negative magnetic pole. Such events occur on the Sun in the past — for example, in XVII-XVIII centuries. Then it coincided with a significant cooling on Earth.

Japanese experts believe that the current appearance of the four magnetic poles of the sun will cause interruption of the steady warming of our planet

Source: vz.ru.

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