Kalinkina: nothing serious in our country do not prevent

Society in Minsk on September 6, family, friends and colleagues said goodbye to the journalist, the founder of the site "Charter 97" Oleg Bebenin, who passed away on the 37th year. Minsk Regional Prosecutor's Office continues to check the circumstances of the death Bebenina. A colleague of the deceased are serious doubts about the official version of suicide.

One of the first version of his death Bebenina expressed in his blog, chief editor of the "People's Will" Kalinkina, and as a result received an anonymous threatening letter. Kalinkina — guest of "Radio Liberty".

SousSvetlana, let us once again voiced your version of the death of Oleg Bebenina — if briefly formulate it, the struggle of the various centers of power in the power structures of Belarus, the victim of which was a journalist. In these days expressed a lot of versions of the death of Oleg Bebenina. And what exactly you received an anonymous threatening letter, is it not a sign that your version is the most plausible?

KalinkinaThis card, not the letter, he was sent on a postcard, which distributes the company "Tell the truth." There is highlighted words "Tell the truth about yourself." And since I recently had a material about Vladimir Neklyaeva, if the turn to law enforcement, it turns out that the campaign "Tell the Truth" and threatened me. But in my opinion just obvious that there's a connection: the death of Oleg Bebenin my article, and just a half-day is this postcard in my mailbox at my home address. They allegedly emphasize that we know we are watching, we control everything that happens. But nothing serious in our country No warning — no journalists or politicians or human rights activists, but here there are such terrible tragedy.

Sous: Let's imagine that tomorrow (September 7 starts session of the House of Representatives), or in the days to announce the date of the next presidential election. Like death Bebenina can affect the campaign?

Kalinkina: At a minimum, the observers will be judged not only on election day, but all that happened during the campaign. If there is no free media, but on the contrary there are such mysterious deaths, such incredible postcards come to journalists when all the independent newspapers now have a warning, at any time and can be closed, it is clear that in such circumstances the presidential campaign can not be recognized free, democratic, fair, open, etc. So I think that in any case, unless there is some kind of very convincing arguments by the prosecution on the part of the investigation, it was suicide, that it had reason to commit suicide, and that all will be called, then I think that all will remain a big question mark. Indeed, now is the best way out for the government — to support the initiative classmates Oleg Bebenina — journalist Yuri Svirko, who now works in the Ukraine, and the establishment of an international independent commission, the result of which would trust it.

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