Kim Jong-il will be deprived of brandy and whiskey


The President of the United States Barack Obama Government has issued an order to restrict foreign trade contacts of the North Korean "Office 39." "Office 39" is the business department of the Workers' Party of Korea and has been earning hard currency and the purchase of expensive goods — west of alcohol, food and cars — for distribution among the ruling elite in North Korea and close to leader Kim Jong Il.

Assuming that the Kim Jong Il is a big fan of expensive Western alcohol in his private cellar has no less than 10,000 bottles of different whiskeys and brandies. According to press reports, his favorite brand of whiskey is «Johnnie Walker Swing", and brandy — "Hennessy XO".

Simultaneously, the U.S. Treasury Department imposed economic and financial sanctions against a number of North Korean companies suspected of illegal trade in nuclear technology.

"We need to send a signal to North Korea that provocative behavior will be punished. Sanctions are not directed against the people of North Korea, but against its leaders" — is today's edition of the International Herald Tribune quoted Robert Eyngarna, the U.S. State Department adviser on arms control and nuclear proliferation .

In a letter to the U.S. Congress, President Barack Obama said that the new U.S. sanctions are imposed in response to the sinking of the South Korean corvette Pyongyang 46 sailors in March this year, nuclear tests and ballistic missile launches in North Korea and a number of other illegal activities Pyongyang.

Against North Korea since 2009, are the UN sanctions and the international embargo on trade in arms with this country. In 2008 South Korea suspended economic aid to its northern neighbor.

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