Kolozha: The main principle — first do no harm …

The oldest monument in Grodno — Kaloskaya (Boris and Gleb Church) XIIv century. The authorities want to restore the temple, which intend to offer in the World Heritage List of UNESCO. They decided to hold a share in the "Restore Kolozhu together" and to hold a public debate on its recovery. The church stands on the bank of the Neman. More than a half-century ago, the river washed away the hill, destroying half of the temple, which is now made of planks.

Kolozhu today deals with the institution of "Grodnograzhdanproekt," but the conversation with the chief architect Alexander Taranenko failed.

Taranenko"Tomorrow will be in Grodno supervisor of the object to which it has been sixteen years, Lavretzky. Honestly, it's not a phone conversation as possible by phone to discuss this topic? "

Restoration Kolozhi could begin almost fifteen years ago. Says the leader of the Movement "For Freedom" Milinkevich, that in the first half of the 1990s dealt with this issue when he was deputy chairman of the Grodno City Executive Committee.

And the collision could fully recover in Rome and Athens' temples.

Milinkevich"We are at the beginning of the 1990s seriously engaged in preparation for the restoration of the church Kaloskay and realized that there is no experience in the restoration of monuments of this level, we do not have specialists. We have asked the sister city of Limoges. Restoration company "Blanshon" came evaluated this monument, and then invited the best restorers in France, they were coming advised. They suggested principle — first do no harm, and said that the Coliseum would fully recover in Rome and Athens temples, but they do not recover, because they believe that it will harm ancient. "

That offered more specifically French specialists?

Milinkevich"Kolozha should function, it is a temple, and recovery is possible, but they said the restoration should be absolutely clear, do not try to mimic what was once lost, and to make other material, maybe even wood can of white light material . But "remake" can destroy the monument forever. And I am for the monument was restored, may, after public debate, but the key word for the specialists. Unfortunately, we in Belarus such professionals do not have, do not have a job, so — be sure to international expertise. "

But there are other opinions. Anton Astapovich— Chairman of the Belarusian Voluntary Society for Protection of Monuments:

"And whether restoration Kolozhi? Because after it collapsed in the Neman time of the Russian Empire, what was done to the church, it is — excellent, scientifically verified method of conservation of the ruins. What are we going to restore? We do not know how to look Kolozha! It is unscientific restoration. The object is the authentic features, as all will be — visionary Mr. Lavretzky with Taranenko. "

Anton Astapovich

"And then put the question — the French, the Belarusians — do not need to put it. It is necessary to put the question this way: the restoration of the object is not needed. He preserved, as far as I know, made extensive coast a few years ago and out! Otherwise, we lose it. "


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