Krasnodar reservoir does not threaten the city — government

The water level in the Krasnodar reservoir is safe, it does not pose any threat to the inhabitants of the Kuban capital, said Monday the city administration.

Authorities monitor the situation in the reservoir at the ongoing second week of heavy rains.

In the night of July 7 downpours have caused major flooding in three cities and a number of villages of the Krasnodar Territory. Killed, at last count, 171 people. The version of the cause of the catastrophic flood could become Neberdzhaevskogo discharges water reservoir, the investigation refused when it was determined that discharges were regular, non-mass, and the play of the dam has not been fixed.

As for the Krasnodar reservoir, the largest artificial lake on the river Kuban, then today it is "filled with about 60%, now in it about 1.3 billion cubic meters of water at the capacity of about 1.8 billion," the press service of the town hall.

"There is no threat of flooding from the Krasnodar reservoir for the city and downstream communities are currently no" — say the government.

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