Kuban Cossack patrol the streets of cities

Kuban Cossack patrol the streets of citiesIn the Krasnodar region, the governor's decree, created a Cossack brigade that will maintain law and order on the streets of cities and towns of the Kuban. A September 1, 1000 Cossacks vigilantes began patrolling.

In Krasnodar, took to the streets 150 Cossacks, together with the police and other public organizations. In addition to the maintenance of public order, the Cossacks will monitor the presence of children in the street late at night. That they may be there without parents or without supervision.

Mayor of Krasnodar Vladimir Evlanov believes Cossack detachments patrolling the streets of the city will benefit in the fight against street crime, and the inhabitants of the Kuban capital, as well as her guests, will soon appreciate it. After all the work teams focused on creating a safe and comfortable stay in the streets for all.

The selection of the Cossack brigade was very hard — takes most worthy Cossacks. After the selection of workshops for the police, after which the Cossacks take tests. Then souped retainers provide a separate room for the issuing authority, a new form, tokens and spent marching parade.

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