L.Bankavskas will prove that he is not a camel

"This is the good will of our president. From now on you — free" — heard after spending 10 days in Belarusian prison, commanding cavalry company Vilnius police Laimonas Bankauskas. This he said in an exclusive interview to Lietuvos Rytas.

LR: What is your status now, after the Belarusian security staff on Wednesday released you free?

Bankauskas: The Belarusian side to me does not have any complaints. I have signed a specific document that I was "completely free man. Yet for myself all of this — some kind of miracle. I feel like in a dream. Still do not believe I am — free.

When he returned to Lithuania, I met up with friends, with parents. We sat and talked. I rejoice in freedom, happy family that did not expect to see soon.

I know that in any case I am one hundred percent not guilty, but to prove it until I do not have a chance.

During these days, I really lost a lot of health and nerves. I thought I would not see his son would see it only when it is already twenty years old. The most worried that September 1 will not be able to withdraw it from the handle to the school, as I do every year.

Tested for the first time in sixteen years

LR: Tell us what happened at the border with a neighboring state?

Bankauskas: The first time I checked the Belarusian customs officers on August 3. Such a check was held for the first time in sixteen years, so I was very surprised. Then I was allowed to enter Belarus. There I refueled, went to the store, bought the products.

But when returning to Lithuania again I waited for verification. My Documents officials again set aside and told to wait for some procedures. But again, nothing happened.

Because of such exceptional attention customs I am just afraid to go to the August 15 Belarus, because before anything like that happened. That day I was on the border again held three and a half hours. Several times had to stop off at the flyover. After checking the car, customs officers said that all is well, and was invited to sign some papers.

But when they began to fill in forms, a man came and said that the whole process will have to repeat the test. And now began to check the customs officers do not, and border guards. I told no one, no one spoke to me.

It was like a circus

LRWhere were you when they tested the car?

Bankauskas: If my car checked customs, I was constantly watching their actions as checking one or two. At this time came four border guards in black uniforms, with the dogs.

I do not work in the first year of the police, in Moscow and in Germany, I watched the work of dog handlers. So I know how to react to a dog to find things prohibited. Dogs will start digging in the wrong place, or sit around the same subject matter and Hall — are clear signs that they have found something.

And in Belarus is more like a circus. Poor dog breed Spaniel four times pushed into the interior of the car, he ran something vynyuhvayuchy, and then jumped out of the car. Border guards have asked me why the car is so much napyrskana asvyazhalnika air.

The entire interior and trunk, four people checked half or two hours. I am much as possible, trying to keep watch and monitor what is happening.

A little later, one border guard asked me to open the hood and help explore all the details. If I leaned over the hood to the engine, suddenly there was a cry: "We've found something here!" I was like in shock and said, "What have reached, and then found."

The border guards were happy discovery

LR: What was found in the car?

BankauskasIt was the object of a diameter of 5 — 8 cm, wrapped with a light-brown sticky tape. This finding guards were very happy. They played with the subject, stuck to my car. Under the tape and was a magnet. I immediately raised the question, why should I care if sedishchy — leather.

I realized one thing — Ghali to this subject was not in the cabin, it was found elsewhere, may under the vehicle.

Strange was the fact that, in finding that subject, they began to pack her things, collect device. I said, well, have never seen such unprofessional work: "You looked around for only about 20 percent of my car, and maybe something else hidden hundred pounds?" Then they inevitably another 15 minutes inspected the car and drove off.

LR: How did they treat you, finding that package?

Bankauskas: I could not go anywhere, do anything. Before I called his wife on his cell phone and said that I have a problem. After that I was forbidden to call, pick up the phone and other things.

Belarusians are very fast, even on the same night, that was forwarded found in the vehicle subject to Minsk, the experts have verified that there. When received the experts' conclusions, it is — drugs, I was arrested.

"I do not want to blame anyone …"

LR: How are the drugs were in your car?

Bankauskas: I do not know and I do not want to blame anyone. I am a deeply religious man, a Catholic. As for me drugs? Death. I gave everything to the will of God. Let the dear God will punish those who did so.

I only know the truth, and even a few people who did it. Now I find it hard to prove that I am not a camel.

Now I am free, and more than I do not care. I do not hide from anyone. If an internal investigation will be conducted, what can I help you "prakamentuyu, explain, and show …


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