Laimonas Bankauskas questioned in the Lithuanian security service

Society "It was standard procedure, yet the Lithuanian police was arrested. It was just a conversation, not detention "- said the Lithuanian media spokesman for the Children's Hospital Vitavskas Makauskas.

An official action against Bankauskasa say nothing.

Officer's wife Tatiana convinced of the innocence of her husband, but welcomes the fact checking. "Lithuania — a serious state, they have to check and thank God for that check. And then together we will celebrate with her husband," — said Tatiana reporters ERB.

Laimonas Bankauskas was arrested August 16 at the border crossing in Ashmyany. In his car guards found a bag with 45 grams of synthetic drug amphetamine. Guilty to drug smuggling Bankauskas not guilty and did not rule out that the drugs had been planted. Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite specifically addressed to the Belarusian authorities to promptly and objectively investigate. August 25 Laimonas Bankauskas was released from Grodno detention center. KGB claims that it has transferred the case for further proceedings, the prosecutor's office of the country, there is the case between the Lithuanian police did not comment.

Some observers in Belarus does not rule out that the history of the Lithuanian police — a provocation to worsen Belarus' relations and Lithuania.



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