Land included in this year's first major meteor shower

C 15 to April 28, 2012 it will be in the Lyrids meteor stream, which received the name of the constellation Lyra.

Land close to the tail of an ancient comet Thatcher (C/1861 G1), which is the source of the annual meteor shower.
Forecasters expect the peak of this shower will be in 21-22 April 2012. Almost new moon on these dates will provide the perfect dark sky to see meteors.
Usually, this phenomenon gives a soft shower (10-20 meteors per hour), but the threads of dust in the tail of a comet sometimes give flash 10 times stronger.

To enjoy the spectacle of the city, you need to find a place that is free of buildings blocking the sky and lit street lamps, and look to the east (see illustration below). The best time to observe — the wee hours.

Historical astronomical information:
Feed Lyrids (it is visible from Earth near the constellation Lyra) — the oldest known meteor astronomers.
Lyrids flow occurs when the Earth passes through the tail of Comet Thatcher. The last time this celestial body was observed in 1861. The next meeting will have to wait a long time — an estimated astronomers again comet approaches the planet in about 2276.
Sometimes the already intense Lyrids are stronger than usual.
In 1922, 1945 and 1982. observers in different parts of the world could see 90 — 110 meteors per hour.
However, this record Lyrids established in 1803, when residents of the U.S. state of Virginia in 60 minutes saw about 700 shooting stars.

Another meteor shower
In April, in humans there is a chance to watch other than the Lyrids meteor shower is one that coincides with the time activity. It is about Libridah, which this year begins April 15 and ends April 30.

In addition, simultaneously with the Lyrids can be seen a few not related to this stream fireballs or particularly bright meteor in the night sky leaving a trail of dust and ionized gas.
Their brightness is so high that their coverage of the objects can leave the shadows even in daylight.

So, in late April Earth awaits celestial fireworks. Anyone can prepare in advance to enjoy the place these heavenly signs. The benefit of these sites are free. Hopefully, the vast global network to decorate a lot of great pictures of this momentous celestial event.


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