Landslides in Sochi. Picture story

Road traffic was, to say the least, difficult. All over the city on the road was a large traffic jam.
Torrential rain and climb the river on the road of the city, was a stunning sight …

It is 5 km from the center of the Olympic capital, we saw such a sight. Residents of the lower Plastunka Street Leselidze twice are isolated from the outside world. For the second time, after heavy thunderstorms sag land. Once in a landslide hit people moving in their own transport home after work. Miraculously surviving husband, wife and two teenagers were taken with bruises and injuries in the trauma hospital.
Why our administration does not see that happening in the city, right under their noses, because these people do not have the opportunity to build their way, no matter whether it is the head of the city, taking care of people, their well-being. After all, it's a miracle when the landslide did not pass people and cars passing by, and in fact could happen tragedy.
Dear AN Pakhomov, please kindly pay attention to the people who take care of the population of our city. Indeed, in this area, as in many other areas, uncomfortable in the city of Sochi and beyond because of the lack of paved roads, people are in a very dangerous position for life.

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