Last year, the Earths climate has changed dramatically

Experts of the World Meteorological Organization sounding the alarm. According to them, the unpleasant climate surprises are presented year gone beyond the scope of normal weather. And out thoroughly.

Undoubtedly, the hysteria over global warming is largely generated by the media. At the very same theory of "man-made climate change," there is a lot of opponents in the scientific community. But it seems that this time the concerns are justified.

Mexico. Summer 2012. Cattle die en masse from the incredible drought

The first milestone was the record heat, and, as a consequence, drought,
gripped large areas of the U.S., Russia, Australia, China and Brazil. "Steam" will continue, as many as the first ten months of 2012. This period, according to experts, is the ninth largest in the list of the hottest in the history of world meteorological observations, including the second half of the nineteenth century.

The second time, meteorologists have experienced "shock and awe," because of hurricane "Sandy",
swept through the eastern coast of the U.S. and Canada. Span elements struck specialists. According to them, last year's hurricane surpassed all such disasters not only in scale but also in terms.

A similar assessment was made typhoon "Bofa",
which hit the Philippines in late November. His victims were about a thousand people, eight hundred forty of which are missing.

But to really think about the location of the heart caused meteorologists Record melting glaciers
in the Arctic. This trick from the "gray-haired" ice specialists dealing with greenhouse gas emissions and global warming, do not expect.

For all his love of apocalyptic predictions. Ice melted in record time. In this regard, the former U.S. Vice President Al Gore in an interview, said that watching the evening news began to resemble "Tour of the apocalypse".

Michelle Zharo
head of the World Meteorological Organization, particularly noted the fact that the climatic conditions in the Arctic in the past year were the usual, which means that the melting of the glaciers was caused by a warmer atmosphere. Of course, because of greenhouse gas emissions.

This phenomenon — the only one of dozens of occurred in 2012 abnormal weather, convinces us that the abnormal seems to have become the norm. Like it or not, will show The onset of 2013.

According to media content

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