Law enforcement agencies have called the preliminary cause of death suicide Bebenina

Law enforcement agencies as a preliminary cause of death of journalist Oleg Bebenina considering suicide.

As BelaPAN chief of Information and Public Relations Department of Internal Affairs Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Alexander Danilchenko, Oleg Bebenina body was found and19 minutes Sept. 3 hours in a holiday house, located in the Dzerzhinsk region:

"Bebenin hung on a makeshift noose attached to a flight of stairs leading to the second floor of the house. Nearby was a fallen stool. "

On He said, left the scene investigation group Dzerzhinsky police department and prosecutors Dzerzhinsky district.

Danil'chenko"When viewed from the home they found two empty bottles of liquor" Belarusian balm. " Signs of a struggle and external injuries on the body was found. "

"According to the neighbors, the day before and the day of the tragedy, but the most Bebenina, they did not see any strangers in the country. In addition, found no suicide note. "

Head of the Department of Information and Public Relations Department of Internal Affairs Minoblispolkoma also reported Now that conducted an additional survey of the neighbors.

"As for our information, Bebenin September 2 left home to the country and stopped communicating. Bebenina wife asked her sister to find out why he did not return calls by mobile phone. My sister found the body. "

By Danilchenko, will determine the exact cause of death autopsy, which takes place today.

Oleg Bebenin was born in 1974. He graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of the Belarusian State vnivesytetu. In1990 he worked as deputy chief editor of the independent newspaper "Name". Since 1998 he was founder and head to

Aleh Bebenina survived by his wife and two sons.

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