Leningrad residents complain of ammunition explosions


PETERSBURG, June 20. St. Petersburg, summer living in the gardening association of "Mars" in Vsevolozhsk district of Leningrad region complain about the destructive force of ammunition explosions.

According to Irina at the "People's Line", "West", not far from the CNT is the military part of the test site, "which is not the first destroy munitions, resulting in the homes of the shock sound wave move the stove." According to her, because of the cracks in the stove in horticulture have been several fires.

"Also, it is impossible for children to sleep during the day, wake up, crying, black slurry was deposited on the tables and in the buckets on the sites, and we do not even know what they explode! And this year the force of the explosion especially afraid, peals of them spread very far! We're certainly not experts, but in our opinion the amount of bookmarks philistine shells to destroy more than acceptable! "- Says Irina.

Recall that the people of the region and the city long complained about the sounds of explosions and shock waves that occur due to the explosion of ammunition in landfills. This year, the military promised to lead recycling bezdetonatsionnym method using a new instrument, "Destroyer." Technology allows kill four to five times more shells than the previously used method of undermining the overhead charge. A noise and seismic effects of destruction "Destroyer" old shells comparable with the effect of undermining the 20-old-fashioned way, they said.

Source: Rosbalt

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