Licenses for publishing and advocacy saved

In Belarus, on January 1, will be reduced list of activities subject to licensing.

This is provided for by the decree № 450 "On Licensing Certain Types of Activities", who signed Alexander Lukashenko.

As the press service of the head of state, "in order to liberalize economic activity" Decree 16 provides for the abolition of licensing activities, seven of which include the 59 components of works (services), as well as some 60 works (services) on other 13 species activities, the licensing of which is stored; unification of the two activities in one.

"Elimination of requirements for licensing of certain activities and their component works (services), the optimization of the procedure and reducing the time of committing licensing procedures, the introduction of integrated management relations in the field of licensing provided for by the decree, will ensure reduction of the administrative burden on business entities," — stressed in comments spokesman.

As the head of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises Sergei Balykin, Presidential Decree number 450 gives officials a lot of room for further improvement of the procedure.

"In general, the decree represents a significant step forward in the liberalization of licensing institute of business. His indisputable advantage is the significant reduction of the list of licensed activities. Most notable of them — it's retail, except for a few species, catering and construction," — said expert to BelaPAN.

At the same time, said Sergei Balykin, retained licensing those activities which, in his opinion, is not to license, for example printing and publishing, advocacy and legal services.

By the decree of values Sergey Balykin took what is now collected in one document all the requirements for license applicants. "In fact, it is very convenient and eliminates bureaucratic approach to this process," — he said.

Head of Business Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers named Kuniavsky George Badey and chairman of the Belarusian Union of Entrepreneurs Alexander Kalinin also believe that the new decree will favorably affect the business climate in the country.

In an interview with BelaPAN Badey noted that entrepreneurs expect that document more than a year. "Make drastic shifts in the direction of reducing the types of licensed activities, and thus disappear barriers to doing business", — he said. However, in his opinion, "expect that only the decree will affect entrepreneurial activity and the emergence of a large number of new enterprises, is wrong. "


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