Lidiya Yarmoshyna: CEC ready for the second round of presidential elections

The CEC prepared for the fact that presidential elections can take place in two rounds. This was told to "ERB" the chairman of the Central Election Commission Lidia Yarmoshyna:

"We always planned money on a second round. And nothing more is required! The second round of voting is held without any money for the election is no longer any products, candidates, nothing is given. This is only the salary of the commissioners who will work in this day, and making money on the ballots. So technologically it is very easy and we always planned. "

According to the chairman of the CEC, on the two-round presidential elections stands at 37 billion rubles. Meanwhile, Lidiya Yarmoshyna honestly admitted that she personally does not abraduetstsa second round:

"I can not say I'm Customs of this. After all, how to enjoy a second round of hard work? In addition, a second round of exacerbating political tensions that exist in society. Therefore, the second round is not positive … "

Presidential elections are due no later than February 7, 2011. It is possible that the elections will be scheduled for late 2010. September 7, scheduled an extraordinary meeting of the House of Representatives, which, perhaps, will be announced the election date.


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